World Boss Zaqali Elders Bug

I have the same experience, still yet to see any loot for anyone in the raid group.

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During first week of the patch I got epic gear loot on 8 out of 10 characters and none of this loot was showing in raid chat and no epic gear loot was showing for other raid members either. So I guess in this case the chat showing no epic loot did not mean raid members did not get epic loot. How this works may have changed since then and it might have worked differently elsewhere during the first week too.
During second week non of my alts got epic gear loot. I haven’t tried since then.

If you read the spot there is none ,even if the journey say there is. GL, on getting there through all that .

The first week people received drops - it’s been the subsequent weeks where no one appears to be receiving loot.

Iirc there was a bug where every person got loot for the first hour or so of 10.1 from the world boss. Ever since they “fixed” that, nobody has gotten anything

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Thank you for all your reports. Rest assured, we’ve investigated the reports and have confirmed that the Zaqali Elders are still dropping their loot. These items will not be displayed in the public loot log due to the particular setup of the world boss encounter having multiple NPCs in it.


…which is only gold and currency?


I got a drop this week (boots). I think it’s working as designed but it’s just designed to give very little loot :confused:


Killed them on 10 different level 70s now, for 3 weeks, not a single drop. Your drop rates are crap then. To the point people think the loot is broken.

I’ve never had these low of drop rates off the season 1 world bosses.


Why do you expect a full tier set from a world boss?

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Where do I say I expect that? lol. I expect at least after 30 kills to have seen at LEAST ONE DROP ON ONE ALT >.>

maybe you do not english well or something

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Oh my English is fine

It’s just funny how you expect gear from a world boss when they aren’t designed to give you progress gear

You got GOT by RNG and you’re upset about it

While at it can you check why the last two resets they spam change target and are constantly spinning wildly?

It’s quite distracting to watch their target cycling endlessly and them spinning around as they do it.


I got chest piece off them the first day of S2. Haven’t seen anything since, tho I haven’t tried this week because why would I :joy:

You make me want to slam my face into my desk.

Last season, the world bosses dropped loot. I got at least 1-3 drop a week on various alts. This new world boss sucks, it has dropped 0 drops off 30 kills. If you don’t think that is broken you are broken. It feels like they are starting to inflate the drop rates to bad odds, which forces you to play even longer.

I’ve had better odds off 1% old world mount drops than this new stupid world boss.

I am also not expecting anything, I am just extremely frustrated and disappointed that nothing has dropped. I am allowed to have feelings about this stuff you know. By now I should have seen at least 1 damn drop. Up to at least 5 by now even. but 0 in 3 weeks. That feels seriously broken. Season 1 loot drop rates already made me quit playing after I got KSM. They feel even worse now. Why bother.

Those world bosses are designed to drop loot, though, right? What % do you think is fair? 1 in 100 kills? 1 in 1000?


IME that’s because tanks are taunting them to keep trolls from bringing them together. Because there is always one with a taunt that wants to wipe the groups.

Wonderful game design that /s :roll_eyes:

If you do that you may lose some English skills on reading

It’s RNG

You have way more options than expecting a world boss to give you a piece of gear, there’s weeks where 5 time walking dungeons give you a heroic tier

They are not meant to be your primary source of gear otherwise you are forcing yourself to suffer

You have plenty of other options including m+ since you claimed you have ksm from season 1

You know damn well you have better chances in m+, LFR and vaults, why purposely get angry for something out of your control?

Why could you or someone have not let the community know this earlier, rather than have people doing an activity and feeling they had no chance of a reward?

At the very least, paying customers should expect to be kept informed on such things at a proper time.


This post is appreciated, but it seems like the drop rates are basically 0. I haven’t seen anything, on 6 characters, since week one, and it apparently had to be bugged for me to get anything then.

i have receive has personal loot the shoulder.