Work Order System Feedback

I know there was a “Have Materials” checkbox added for the filter, but I would love it if there was a set of options where you could select options for Reagents, similar to how there is an indicator of “None/Some/All” for provided reagents. I am constantly putting people on my ignore lists that post work orders on every profession board for auctionable items with no mats provided and a super low commission, but it feels bad having to use my ignore list instead of just checking a box in my search.


I would love that, and I have added it as a feedback too.

We need a sorting tool so we can indeed display if there are no mats, some, or all. We have so many scam attempts, hoping that people pick their order by accident. The ignore list shouldn’t be used for it but I am heavily using it because there are so many trying to cheat the system.

As well, we need report function when it is obviously scam attempt, like, “No mats, 1 silver tip epic” work orders, those are 100% scam.

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Althought some might be scams, people don’t know the system properly and may put out public work orders for their alts. Yes, I understand that might not be everyone but I think a feature such as filters suggested would work best. It would probably be beneficial as well that people that get work orders done by others have a quick-link to crafters names that have crafted for them in the past. Currently we have a week to show which crafts were completed and by which crafters. Maybe even having a return-craft week to week for items like treatise might work instead of the manual manipulation players have to put in right now

This is a huge pet peeve of mine as well. I have ended up using the No Mats No Tip addon which easily shows what has materials filled or not in the search. While it is resolved quickly with that addon I think it would be best for an easy way to see in-game if materials are being covered or not so we can make that judgement if we want to use our own for the commission listed.


A single ‘oopsie’ here and there is okay but 40+ expensive (obviously) orders for 1 gold each, meaning, that the person knows that there is a minimum fee on top of not adding materials, is pure attempts at scamming people who doesn’t pay attention.

There are two individual warnings, one of which requires your actual confirmation, when an order is about to use your materials. I don’t think throwing reports out for people who put up those orders will solve anything if a deliberate warning that your materials will be used won’t, but I definitely agree that filters for straight up hiding orders with None or Some materials would be very helpful at, well, filtering out all of the orders that ask for often expensive items but provide no materials.


Could they perhaps add a “minimum commission” that’s a user input. Ex I put in 5000 gold and only see orders that have a commission of higher than that? Together with the filter out orders for none/some materials


I know that there are warnings, many do now, which is why I believe when I see an epic no mats, 1 gold, I think scam - and I press ignore on the person.

Current changes NEEDED:


  • Ignored people to disappear completely, so you don’t see items on the work order but the order is blank because the person is ignored.
  • You need a ‘Show Materials Only’ option.
  • You need a ‘Show minimum tip/fee/commission’ option.
  • You need a ‘Sort Minimum Level’ option of the ones making the orders.

Additional functions:

  • ALL profession plans to be available (ALL).
  • Gift Function (Some have a ton of BoP mats, and might want to gift a crafted item to an alt or friend).
  • [Edit] The ability to place multiple work orders at the same time (So, to have a lot of materials created) but only if the user has all the materials.
  • [Edit] The ability to accept multiple work orders at the same time (So, if people order multiple parts for like, Engineered items) but only if the customer has all materials added.