Worgen should have tails

There’s a megathread for this! :smiley::+1:



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Only after they become Demon Hunters… but I reserve the right to put one in a cage and name it “Mr. Kurama”…

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WoW has changed their original design decisions in response to “because I think its cool” many times. If enough people want tailed worgen, I don’t see any problem with adding it as an option.

  • Male orcs can now be upright after ~10 years of being hunched over.
  • Tailed female pandaren used to be limited to orange fur colors only.
  • Playable blood elves were written as exclusively pale-skinned, green-eyed elves until BfA and SL.
  • The nightborne were not intended to be playable and that only changed due to player reaction.
  • The playable trolls now have access to Sandfury and Shatterspear troll skins despite being written and described as Darkspear trolls exclusively for ~10 years.
  • Death Knight and Demon Hunter hair colors are now available to everyone.

As for your third point… I’m afraid I don’t follow. You’re right, humans don’t have tails. They also don’t have rows of sharp teeth with fangs. They don’t have snouts. They certainly don’t have a wolf’s vision or sense of hearing, yet all of these are present in worgen.


Because the original model had many details that were thrown away at the launch of the cataclysm, like hairstyles. And Blizzard did not add a tail either for lack of time or for not being satisfied with the final result at the time.
Nightbornes were conceived as a playable race with a very different look from what we see in the game and people always ask Blizzard to correct this imperfection.
As with the Worgens, the current model is incomplete.

Vulperas were conceived without a tail at first, and then one was added to them. Why did vulpes need a tail? No! Because aesthetically, they look better with a tail. They are complete.
Saberons have a tail and use the same model as the worgen, so nowadays, it is not a problem to add a tail, as a cosmetic option to the Worgen.
Under the guise of changing the original concept, orcs were designed quite differently from what we see people using. and it was a change made because it was considered cool. That is, to please an aesthetic option.

Worgen need more customization options that make them more like wolves that walk like men and not men who bend over to resemble wolves.

Give Worgen Tails.


I think it would look cool for a Worgen to have a tail as well. Worgen is a druid form, no reason why they couldn’t have a wolf tail.

And worgen are a humanoid version of Goldrinn, the Elder Wolf. LOBO.
Do not monkey buttocks.

I yet stand by my declaration prior.
Hang the tails and give me Gilneas.

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Worgen will get tails the day male pandaren get tails.



Should be optional like the red panda pandaren.

Also red panda pandaren males should have tails.

tails are great, and much better than not having a tail. I can confirm this as a tauren.


I think everyone would prefer it to be optional. Give us the choice on the matter.

Tails are a nice idea.

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Hear! Hear!

Only if their racial is changed to running in a circle chasing it. :slight_smile:

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Hey now!

I only chase things occasionally…


Optional tails at the very least, yes.


So the racial night elves should change so they’re not so flammable. :fire:

Why can’t we have both?

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I lul’d …

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