Worgen Customization Mega Thread

I strongly agree with this thread.


good thread.

ive previously paid for race change on a lvl 47 worgen because i HATED the casting animation, but ive made more since they’ve changed it. it literally looked like they couldnt keep their balance on a rocking boat every time they tried to cast.


Level of Decay selection still puts Forsaken ahead of Worgen on new options… 1 new feature is still more than 0… plus many face options for forsaken have been split out into separate categories allowing for more diverse customization…

We should have tails… we should have scars… we should have Gilnean accessories…we should have options


Genn actually has both earrings AND a tooth ring in his Wei Wang artwork:


Which is what his model is based on for the BfA cinematic:


I feel like they should be obvious additions to worgen customization options, along with scars.


The “no new hairstyles” and “no new beards” is slightly inaccurate.

Female Worgen are getting one new hairstyle (which in all fairness could have been simply an unused one that was already in the files for years). Still ridiculously underwhelming, so the hairstyle probably was just one that was cutting room floor content from Cataclysm. New hairstyles are definitely needed, especially for female Worgen who mostly just have a bunch of really messy-looking hairstyles.

Male Worgen do have one or two beard options that are brand new and a few previously unused beard options becoming available to players (including the well-known extra long goatee that some NPCs have had), which is almost as good as brand new options. Male Worgen definitely need a lot more new facial hair options compared to other races, but I’m definitely looking forward to using some of the new beard styles on my characters, especially the extra long goatee.

But I agree with a lot that is said here. Worgen have gotten almost no new categories of options, and the majority of new options are literally just eye colors.

Across the entire race, ears for male Worgen and eye colors for male and female Worgen are literally the only new categories of options, and Death Knights won’t have access to the majority of the new Worgen customization options because the new options are mostly eye colors.

I definitely think the Worgen form is being taxed because of the Human form customization, but it also feels like that they just didn’t have any ideas on how to add new customization options to the Worgen form.

I’m definitely in favor of more categories of customization options being added for Worgen. I feel scars should be its own category of options with a variety of different scars rather than a simple toggle, though.

For instance, I think every race should have “scar over right eye,” “scar over left eye,” and “scar over both eyes” as baseline along with other assorted scar options. I find it bizarre that so many races have blind eye options and no scar options to go with them. I also don’t like how limited blind eye options are when it comes to eye color, though this can be fixed if we could gain the option to choose the color of each eye separately.


Grayhaven here. Agree with all your points 100% and wish Blizz would given Worgen players more options and just what they want!


you think YOU have it rough?
check out gnomes. They only get 2 new hairstyles.


You got my support! Great illustrations to show your points as well! You did your homework and it shows.


No one should have to point another race and say “see, they have less”
Having good customization should be for every race.


(Statement): Unit Exacitor is in support of all the above suggested new customizations for Worgen.

(Commentary): That said, I would also like to see their Druid Forms updated with new optional forms. Worgen are the original Druids of the Pack. If the Zandalari can have Dinosaur Druid forms, there is no reason that Worgen cannot have a Wolf Feral form, a Dire Wolf Guardian form, or be able to use their Worgen form as their Moonkin form.


I support this post.

One as a draenei I am fully stoked to finally have a longer/jeweled tail on my girl.

Two, outside of the white fur form and being able to customize the worgen form and human form separately, ya’ll aren’t getting much.

Three, pandas have an option, tail/no tail. Why is this such a big deal for Worgen?

A tail really would make the models look better balanced.

Crossing fingers for you guys hopefully Blizz will hear you :slight_smile:


100% support this. My original character is Asheru my druid (Who started life in 04 as a Night Elf druid and was instantly changed to Worgen the moment cata went live.) One of the reasons I dont use her as much anymore is why… why can every other druid race get unique looks and Worgen have Night Elf looks… Just take it into consideration and let us use a pack form look. It can still be called kitty form but still.


Gnomes can make their own thread.

What’s up with people thinking there’s lines, or that because one race has less and another has slightly more that that means no one can request things?

Foolish I think.


Very good post! I support all these options. And those edits and resources are great to show what options worgen could have.

I mainly hope we get posture, black fur, piercings/jewelry, tails, and more noticeable mane options. I hope males can get some manes like females have which have longer more flowy fur. But braids are good too!

Good work :slight_smile:


:heart: for your post! This is a very well done example of specific feedback with logical assertions tossed in for good measure - I really hope we see some progress here!


Go Keori!


100% all of it!



don’t know why some folk are so bent outa shape over furries in general. I’m not one and I don’t mind em… let em be.

Ashamed of what?

You should be ashamed that you ignored a very good amount of information over a picture.


<----- adds another bullet point to her list of “Why I don’t like goblins”

  • Spiteful little buggers.

Worgen? How do you think Nightborne feel?


Totally behind this post ! / howls