Worgen beholden to Ardenweald?

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(From a STORY/LORE reasoning & RP reason only)
Being that Worgen were created (by proxy) by a Wild God, does anyone else playing Worgen feel beholden to Ardenweald?

I almost feel like I might have to race change to choose another covenant.

Ardenweald is meant for souls who served nature in life. The vast majority of Worgen don’t serve the wilds, they are just Gilneans afflicted with a Druidic curse.

Not only that, their entire story is not letting their curse define them.

Go wild.


I can easily disassociate my Worgen character from nature. He has no care or connection to nature. Nor does he draw on any nature related powers.

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The thing about the Worgen curse is that the people afflicted don’t end up losing their individuality - someone like Darius Crowley is definitely more the Maldraxxus type, especially given that he ended up a Skyhold champion rather than a Dreamgrove one.

So no, I wouldn’t say the Worgen are inherently bound to Ardenweald, much like the Undead are not inherently bound to the Maw.

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IMHO it would’ve made more sense for all Worgen to actually end up in Ardenweald because of the Druidic Curse making them basically minor avatars of a Wild God.

In a similar vein I think all Undead should’ve been forced to go to Maldraxxus also by default because their souls were twisted by Necromancy, which comes from Maldraxxus.


As far as we know, that’s not really how the Shadowlands work when they’re operating correctly. The realm you are sent to upon arrival is judged based on the contents of your life and how you lived it - dismissing all of that entirely based on what you were (probably unwillingly) cursed with somewhat defeats that entire purpose. A Forsaken does not inherently love battle or become warlike upon resurrection, and a Worgen does not inherently become a bastion of nature upon infection.

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I am aware lmao

I’m saying it would’ve been better

Like you arrive in Shadowlands

  1. Are you a mortal whose soul was deeply affected by a specific magic tied to one of the primary realms of the Shadowlands, e.g. Wild God Curse (Ardenweald), Undeath (Maldraxxus), or Vampirism (Revendreth), or are a Wild God (Ardenweald)? If yes, go to that realm, if no, then (2)
  2. Go to the Arbiter for Arbitration, where you are assigned to a core realm, that isn’t Revendreth, of the Shadowlands (3), a noncore realm of the Shadowlands (4), or if you’re bad, Revendreth (5)

3a. If you’re Dutiful but have PTSD, go to Bastion
3b. If you’re Strong and a Warrior and derive strength from your life (no PTSD), go to Maldraxxus
3c. If you love animals and plants, go to Ardenweald

  1. If you’re terribly average, go to your default basic noncore Shadowland.
  2. Enjoy purgatory, where you will eventually do a Ritual of Absolution and Ritual of Judgment that will result in Redemption (6) or the Maw (7)
  3. If Redeemed, you can either go back to the Arbiter (2) or become a Venthyr
  4. Down to the Maw, sucks to suck, you’re going to be turned into a monster or a sword.
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Other races such night elves and trolls do end up in other covenants such as Revendreth and Bastion.

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Hehe I see what you did there at the end :wink:

The Horde must never get their wings, feathers or leather aside… The blood-elves are the exception to the rule…