Wont play if PvP is only option - and other thoughts

This stress test will be accessible to anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas & Oceania region.

The stress test goes until Friday 2:00pm Pacific. If you subbed you have access to the stress test. Back out to server selection and see the options, they closed some servers shortly after start. Two pve and two pvp servers available now.

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It was a response to the OPs comment about the beta early in his post. Not the stress test.

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Oh ok, my mistake. I did not read the initial wall of text.

Exactly. The way you phrased your original post made it seem like you expected to be invited for the reasons you stated.

Otherwise, I don’t really see the point in telling people you’d be a good tester, you reported 3 bugs during the stress test, and that you opted in before boogie.

You and millions of others. Join the club.

Ok, many, many, many people who want in the beta aren’t in. Many of us have been playing since 2004 or 2005 and still haven’t gotten in the beta. It’s just the way it is. I’m not upset like so many on here are about it. Disappointed? Of course, but not upset by any means. And it’s not only streamers that are in the beta. A friend of mine has been in since the beginning and he’s not a streamer.

Also, they have opened two more stress test servers. Not all are PvP.

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Indeed. I am in one now. PvE was not there when I started my post.

Disappointed, yes, upset, yes. Intense emotions with everything, aware that this is not the norm, yes. Am I exaggerating how I feel? Not at all. Intense emotions is like a double edged sword. Super happy from small things, but also super irritated from small things as well. But if a thing is a big deal (or not) is up to personal opinions and varies from person to person. I’ve had countless times people think I am gong overboard with my reactions, when I know from my own perspective, I am not, they just perceive it as too much. It is a common misperception.

I strongly desire to make this game the best it can be, because of how much joy it brings me to play, and how much joy it brings me to help others enjoy it as well. I am just one voice among many. I don’t expect any big fanfare for myself. I just wish to do my part to help out, as I have had so many of these thoughts running through my mind, so I decided to voice my experience through this process, in the rare chance that it might help Blizzard do better for the whole of the playerbase, and provide everyone with the best game possible.



unsub play another game… wait till august re-sub (instant beta access on retail wow)

As for classic beta access WHO CARES!!! Unless you legitimately plan on jumping on every possible polygon refusing to play the game “as intended” attempt to find glitches, bugs, crashes, exploits, and report them all to blizzard, you have no “need” to be in the beta test, unless you are planning on doing “ALL OF THAT TESTING”!

One does not need beta access just to find the fastest leveling path, or relive the gaming experience of classic wow. To decide if they want to be horde or alliance. To play through the story mode.

Yes streamers are using this as a means to make money and they are doing horrible jobs at bug reporting and being incredibly toxic reporting players that take their farming spots stating it’s preventing their enjoyment of the game, while being incredibly toxic in doing so.

Just dont worry about it. CLASSIC IS COMING! Just google some entertainment, or try a new game. I hear FF14 is free up to level 30. Warframe, Dota, & LoL are 100% free all the time. Hell if you want something challenging try the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, or Seikiro.

We have waited more then a decade to play classic wow… whats another 2 months, it’s enough time to find a good guild prior to launch.

Speaking of guilds I hear these guys are recruiting.


I do not like hearing about that Gold fellow. His misuse of autism, said in a joking manner, is so popular, the misuse has bled into other places with conversations, and has caused me problems when people don’t take me seirously. I had to find other ways to explain to people when they start accusing me of intents I dont have. At least twice, people thought I was joking when I told them I am autistic, so I have to find other words because that one is now owned by comedians more than it is used seriously. Not being taken seriously when I need them to take me seriously, can often complicates an already complicated conversation… Misjudgements and complicated conversations do happen in WoW, and in ever place where communication happens between an NT and myself, including this thread.

cough I probably trailed on on a tangent there…

I get the idea of your overall comment, and have been aware of the option for a long time, weeks… before I posted. Why not just play Classic when it is around? Well, I would like to help test too.

Speaking of which, I should tab back into Classic and help squash some bugs. Thank you everyone for your time and thoughts, I hope my comments have helped someone and/or something, in some way.

It is a stress test, you have a limited time and a low level cap.

Realistically, accept you won’t get into the Beta. You would already have that access if your account had been tapped for it.

Either way, you can play the real thing in 68 days.

Sounds like a plan. I shall kill my hope now. Oh well.

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You seem like that kind of dude who says ‘nice guys’ don’t get girls and they get friend zoned. Naw brah, you are just desperate and it comes off weird. You keep talking about streamers getting priority, thats because all you see from beta is streamers… because they STREAM. As someone who is in beta there is a TON of people who aren’t streaming that got it. If this is your attitude towards failure or not getting what you want you sure won’t last in vanilla.
You’ll lose a roll on a piece of gear then whine about how streamers get people to farm gear for them and blah blah blah. Also there is so much text I couldn’t even find anything about PvP in this game but if you wanna play mind numbing boring PvE content then just roll a PvE server.

Stop whining.

For the last time:

If you’re in the safe zones of your faction (GREEN) you CANNOT be attacked by an enemy player unless you flag yourself or attack the enemy player.

You WILL NOT be ganked at any time during the 15 level stress test unless you purposefully go into hostile or contested territory. And you have no reason to because you are capped at 15.

Your level of attachment is beyond unhealthy. It’s just beta dude. Mayne you should focus your time somewhere else?

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That is very, very true and I do understand what you mean by that. I apologize if I came off as being a bit sarcastic with my post originally. To be honest I had not read the rest of the thread and your posts before posting.

One of the things I am always telling my son and teaching him is that just because something may not be a big deal to him, may not mean that it isn’t to someone else. And also something that may be a big deal to him may not be to someone else and that we need to respect others feelings and not expect everyone to feel the same way we do. Respect each other as individuals and our differences.

After reading the rest of your posts in this thread and that particular sentence I just quoted, it fully reminded me of that, something I had forgotten for a moment there. I understand your disappointment and am glad you get enjoyment out of the game. Vanilla was what got me through some very tough times back years ago as well, which I won’t go into here.

As Kolben said, maybe try to accept that you won’t get in beta and if it happens, you can be pleasantly surprised. Also, not much longer until launch! :slightly_smiling_face:


It wasn’t really that huge of an issue. It’s just a Stress Test that goes poof at some point. I mean I got in, I tested a few things and called it quits so I don’t spoil the game for myself.

I don’t think they are going to do more invites for Beta beyond the Stress test.

Just think of it like there’s right around 5 weeks left for launch, and about 3 weeks before realms open up for reserved names.

My oldest daughter is autistic, as well. I understand what you’re going through.

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I got home yesterday at 6:30 pm and logged in around 7ish. There were only 2 pvp realms available. i created a character and played for an hour. I logged out to see if any new servers came up and there were 2 new servers (normal) and so i created a new character there. I played straight through until 11 pm and went to bed. I was only disconnected once the entire night. I bounced around on starting areas because some were ridiculously full. I don’t know what happened in your case.

I hope you carry this same attitude into Classic. No one will run anything with you.

I skimmed through and was expecting a big rant about pvp.
Anyways depending on the faction you intend to play in classic I’m sure myself and potentially others might have a solution if there are few rp or pve servers (potentially full at all hours if that’s the case) to make your experience on a pvp server tolerable.

Well posting helpful request won’t get you anywhere these days. You gota be a celebirty.
Well at least you can play classic when it comes out soon.