Woke up to a Forum Suspension. Why?

I just got a forum suspension and i don’t know why. I haven’t violated any of the forum rules and when i check my email there is nothing there from Blizzard. Any help from a CM?

Edit: i also just got this https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/account-no-longer-on-hold/1413475

I have NO characters on that server its saying i do ( Zarellia-bloodsail-buccaneers. )

What is going on?

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I thought if you were forum suspended you couldn’t even post in here?

Is it another account that is suspended? If so, check that account’s email.

I only have this account.

Hm just make sure to check your spam folder. It may have went there.

Still have my email open. Spam folder is empty.

Edit: And why am i posting on a character i never made up?

Got you not sure then. It may be a delay sending it too.

I’m not sure. Normally if you’re forum suspended it never lets you post even over here.

I have this at the top of my screen:

Your account is unable to post or reply until May 19, 2022 1:53 pm.

And i honestly don’t know why. It has to be some sort of mistake because the last post i even posted in was about JDF’s death and i certainly didn’t post anything bad there.

Oh that’s a glitch. You were at some point but not now and it just shows it at the top. It will go away on it’s own.

Just refresh it and it should go away. If not, it will eventually.

That happens on my alts but mine is in july LOL

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Well apeal then thats ur only course of action.

It’s not even giving me the appeal option.

I hope so. I mean i accidentally violated the forum rules last May but that only netted me a 24 houre suspension. So confused right now.

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Ah got you yeah I wouldn’t fret about it.

It sounds like a bug with the display. If you’re still able to post and like and do stuff you’re good.

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It looks like i can but it won’t let me change my posting character.

Oh log out and back in to the forums. It does that to me too.

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I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your help.

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Hey np yeah it acts weird sometimes.

OK. The suspension message at the top has gone away and i can now switch characters to post on.

Thanks a lot. I was really confused there.

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lol all g and yw :smiley:

Here’s the character i post on. Thanks again for the help. If it makes any difference i kept getting a System message earlier with each of my posts.

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Ah got you and ya sometimes it just acts a little weird.

When you swap alts it may give you fits too but it should go away… eventually.

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Yeah i had to click multiple times to get it to switch. Blizzard really needs to fix this bug.

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