Wo or Invs skip on pet not working

couldn’t find a post, so is anyone else experiencing this? in a +19 NW today and my felguard, despite me being invs, pulled.

I’ve tried Wo in the past and my pets pull. I have to dismiss my felguard, implode my imps and let my dogs run before the wo skip which is very high maintenance. Supposedly there was a hotfix?

Anyone have anything to contribute?

make sure the pet dont pass on top of the adds or dismiss pet

rewatching the vid, the felguard was to my left, trash on the right.

And again, dismissing pet, imploding imps and letting dogs run out was or not hotfixed?

Yes this happens sometimes with wo and invis pots, even being out of combat a few seconds.

Pet looks invisible but still pulls without passing through mobs.

I have researched this for a while now; but here is my findings.

Invisible Potion: Your Pets won’t get invisible as the potion effect only applies to you, now, the aggro-range of pets is smaller than of us players so some skips can still be made if you are carefull and have few demons as they won’t go near enough to aggro the enemy.

But that is still dangerous, and i would advice in this situation always implode the imps and use dismiss felguard to dismiss dreadstalkers,tyrant, grimoire felguard and vilefiend (yes, it works that way since 9.0.5 when they linked those pets to the pet control bar)

Wo: In General WO always works on pets since they hotfixed it, but there are a few situations you need to be carefull

  • Sometimes there is a slight delay between you leaving out of combat and WO making your pets invisible, pay attention to that and you shouldn’t have issue.

  • Some enemies have Aoe effects who can remove WO from you and your pets, in Spires of ascension before the third boss there is a skip who is fairly popular and one of the Golias in there have this effect; to avoid this issue, i use gateway towards the side of the sairs, mount up and use the gateway.

Shroud: This one is something i haven’t managed to test very much because it requires a rogue, i have seen situations where the shroud works and make my pets invisible, and i had experiences where the shroud does not make my pets invisible.

I want to test this better but sadly, my friends who play rogue haven’t been very active.

Now, there is one final advice i can give it to you, be it with Shroud or WO, if you are still afraid of aggroing something due to pets, you can use your Mount before shroud or with WO (its slower than WO, but better safe than sorry) as while you are mounted your Pets don’t have aggro range.

TLDR; Pets don’t get invisible from potions, sometimes take a while to get invisible with WO, Mounting is your friend.

same problem with bm hunter pets. i’d say blizzard just remove pet aggro from mobs or make them neutral to each other until attacked. problem solved.


I just dismiss my pets each time I actually need to use the Wo skip. It’s safer in the long run.

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