With regards to MAH

Bring back mobile auction house so i can be more of a nerd on my time off. I wont use it at work. Promise


Agreed! Would also love it if the Mobile Auction House returned. I liked using it at work on my breaks to sell and collect my earnings from my auctions!

Also came in useful for those other times when I wasn’t home to check up on my auctions. So 100% would love it if it were to return! :smiley:


Thank you for the detailed support - A loyal WoW fan

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IIRC despite the official reasoning there were a few primary motivators for removing the mobile auction house:

  1. It prevented changes to the backend by creating dependencies that locked the implementation. E.g. the backend was overexposed.
  2. It enabled bots and the TSM application to run the AH without player action. This is in direct conflict to the TOS/EULA and was never intended. Thus the API had to be blocked to reduce RMT and gold farming. Plenty of people got their brutuosaur without doing anything in game effectively.
  3. It had no way of distinguishing the legitimate app from the above. So even if they had been able to solve (1), then (2) was still a major and blocking issue.
  4. It was causing excessive load on the AH part of the DB (anecdotal, but inferred from several blue posts at the time of the switch over to the new AH). Again a (2) issue.
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