With name reservation, will we know exactly how many and what servers there are?


By the time name reservation comes into being, will we know all the servers that will exist upon launch?

If so, I propose we start a thread detailing where all the big streamers will be. This will be beneficial for people who both want and don’t want to be on the same server as streamers.


We would assume so, but it’s all unconfirmed at this point.

It’s possible the name reservations will be global, but that would be tough since only one person would get any name before launch.

I remember reading somewhere (maybe the official news post) that it will be actual character creation, so to me that would sort of imply a server.

They said server names would be here “closer to release”, so it’s reasonable to assume they would be announced earlier than Aug 13th.

TL;DR I have no idea, but probably.

(Thundertotem) #3

Hopefully. Seeing how part of character creation is choosing a server to roll on.

(Badw) #4

They said in the classic release posts that there would be server info released in the coming months. I’m sure we’ll know what and how many servers there will be before they open it up for us to reserve names. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.


Thanks for the info, guys. I guess I didn’t read the post carefully enough.