Witcher rp?

I have in mind to give a Witcher vibe for an rp set in Azeroth. It doesn’t have to follow the Witcher story exactly, as I would prefer it be WOW oriented. Any ideas on how to do this without being silly?

I think for the Witcher himself, a DK would suit rather well as a class, though paladin would as well. A human can be made to look like Gerald quite easily with the white hair and the smaller ponytail or just the straight long white hair.

I would love to create a Yennifer, and I am thinking Void elf mage. She will be leveled as Arcane and using the TRP3 to advance her story.

What I am looking for is a person to play the role of Gerald. Familiarity with the Witcher series is highly recommended. I like the way that Henry Cavil portrays him in the Netflix series!

If you are interested and want to try this, reply here. I am on Pacific Time zone and willing to play anytime in afternoons and into the wee hours. A dedicated rper would be great.

Brainstorming the idea here would be good to set the right mood and make sure we are compatible, or I can add you to discord or battlenet if you agree to meet in game first to discuss things.

Thanks for any comments to help me set this up.

As I did not get much response to this here, I went ahead and wrote out some background for a guild I am trying to establish on Moon Guard. Think of it as a story I am writing.

I have garnered some interest in this idea. Seeking a few more interested parties to make this a guild here on CC.

It will be a simple Order of Rivia, a place where those who seek to make a better Azeroth will gather IC. I will keep this low key and small. Currently the story is a warlock found the journal of the late secretary of the Order, and it contained the complete details of the ritual that would turn a talented person into a being of incredible power. Intrigued by the process, she took it to a gnome warlock who was interested in further experimentation.

Now the ritual is tailored to the individual, so results will vary. Early experiments resulted in a being with similar skills to a Death Knight, without the stigma of Undeath. Very much alive and able to eat, drink and sleep, the individual is trained to eliminate evil and to aid those who need it. With the use of potions to enhance his abilities and a desire to have more join him in his search for monsters to slay, Sianiar roams the world.

Meanwhile, the warlocks seek to make more of these incredible beings. Their experimentation has led to a few mishaps, and they are forced to hide their efforts to avoid persecution. There is a suspicion that their methods may not be legal. But no proof has been established.

I have the guild charter for this idea, welcoming those who would like to develop this completely story driven guild concept. (I still need 3 sigs to get the guild registered)

A small guild with dedicated rpers is what I am hoping for. If you like the concept and would like to help, please contact me. Thanks!

Guild is formed, thanks to the community support! I will be taking apps both IC and via guild finder. Please feel free to whisper me or send in game mail for more info.

I would really love to see more members for my little guild. We can develop a ritual and gather some ingredients and have so much fun with the rp.

I would like to have a couple of warlocks who will be in charge of the ritual itself, so the creativity is not all me. We can use priests, paladins and warriors as well as DK’s and Demon hunters. Rise to the level of a Knight and we will have a ceremony to establish the Order of Rivia as an rp guild with fun events and in depth rp.

Contact any of the members of the Order or send in game mail to Fayte or Sianiar. The guild is also listed in the guild finder under social and leveling. Thanks for your interest!