<Wiping as Intended> Recruiting

Wiping as Intended is recruiting. We raid 25m and always consider experiance over current gear. You know your stuff and like to kill content in a drama free environment? Maybe we are a fit for you? Feel free to speak with my raiders, they will confirm.

Are you a guild on Earthfury trying to form a 25m guild, but man recruiting is a bore. Well talk to us. We are forming a second 25m team, and we may be willing to bring you guys in and fill those spots asap.

Team #1 Raids Tue/Thur 8 ST-11 ST.
All content is done, just working on our drakes now.
Team #2 - Not set but if you are trying to form a 25m group, this is the best place for it.

Kryotech#6228 - contact via Discord if you are interested.

Yes the server is small, but far from dead. We are commited to knocking out all content, if you like that, join the group.

Guess I should include that all content is down including 3d on 10m and 25m. We are just working on proto drakes while we wait for Ulduar. Get your gear.

By looks of this, you are a horde guild?

You are correct. To provide an update on the above post our second 25m group has now been set for Weds 930 ST- 1130ST and Fri 930 ST - 1130 ST.

To those who are considering, why arent you raiding with us?