Simply put, the wall hp needs to be lowered.

Wintergrasp is often empty, maybe four people actually doing the event. You combine that with how long it takes to rank up and the absurd amount of wall hp and it’s nearly impossible for attackers to breach a single wall, much less win. This is especially true if noone is there to assist.

I actually tried doing it recently. I was working on Northrend loremaster and flew over WG and thought, “hmm 5 minutes to the next battle. Why not?”

So annoying. Horde was defending and I could find barely any NPCs to kill to rank up to make vehicles. There was some horde players running around somewhere but by the time I would get to where the game said they were attacking they were gone. I think it took 10 minutes just to get to corporal and 1 catapult clearly wasn’t going to knock down a wall.

I finally realized right near the end that you can fly for little bursts at a time and I ended up flying right into the center of the fort and the NPC’s were much tougher there, but there were a lot of them. I think next time that’s what I’ll do from the start. Rank up to Lt. Then go get a wall demolisher tank and have at it. Even then I’m not sure I could win it in 20min solo.

Seems fine to me, offense does seem harder than defense but if you get gunners in the siege engines it makes a big difference