Can you just disable this BG since it is continually crashing everyone?



How does it crash? When you are loading into it, shortly after loading or during the event? What kind of error do you see when the client crashes?

Thank you.

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I’ll let you know when I get into another instance. It crashes everyone in the battleground. Someone said it was whenever a structure was destroyed, but I haven’t confirmed that.

Crashing for me every ten minutes or so. Sometimes It crushes after I inter to this BG after reconnecting from crushing from it.

It seems to crash whenever a tower animation plays. I know 100% sure it crashes on the first hit, but I suspect the animations are causing it. The game crashes for everyone

Update: reports from others seem to be that it happens on first hit, and the last hit, but haven’t been able to test this myself beyond first hit.


Yes it crashes when a tower dropped for me as well. I accidently posted the issue in a different post about stutters but it was in wintergrasp. I had stutters, then crashed.

Read the 10+ I submitted? Surely y’all can get info from the crash reporter.


I’m hoping this may assist in resolving the issue, which seems to effect everyone but only appears to occur when attacking towers.

Yes, this is the exact error I get. I wish I could just post a screenshot since I can’t post pictures on the forums unfortunately.

Hey. since this is the post that finally got some actual moderator attention i figured i’d throw my experience in here. I do not think it actually crashes everyone. as the amount of movement in the 2 minutes it takes me to relaunch seem to suggest some people aren’t crashing every time. It appears to affect both teams. The crashes always happen at first and last hit of a tower, as well as any of the castle walls. It is always the same fatal error every time.

It crashes randomly, not just when a structure falls. However, when a structure does fall you can count on the crash happening. The way this crashes gives me bad vibes, usually it’s just a repetitive DC not a error screen similar to what you see when your computer starts messing up and gives you the thought that this isn’t the game that is the problem but your computer.

Getting this crash randomly 5+ times in a bg has a high risk of getting you kicked from the bg and stuck with a 15 min debuff preventing you from doing another bg, just happened to me. That’s not fair. You should definitely do something with your co-workers to make it so when we que random epic’s we don’t get Wintergrasp until you guys manage to fix it.

It’s also weird to see you ask how it crashes, does no one who works with Blizzard actually test anything after they do maintenance or make any changes? Is it really up to the players to run into minor to severe problems and have to spam the forums and support to get you guys to notice and still don’t know what is happening? I like that there is a blue post about it but I’d prefer a blue post that shows that Blizzard is aware of the problem and attempting to fix it, or doing something.

Not only are we still getting Wintergrasp but we are getting it over and over. More than we get in any other Epic bg que.

If it were a typical DC we’d get into the game faster than having to relaunch it. Please fix this. Especially with the weekly quest to get 1500 honor in epic battlegrounds. Finishing this quest and getting Wintergrasp on repeat is like I’m paying to go through stress and to struggle more than I should, and taking risks I don’t want to take.

Why won’t they just disable wintergrasp until it’s fixed? There’s no way blizz doesn’t know about this now. It’s been like this since prepatch dropped.


For me, the game will crash during certain events such as when I enter combat, a structure gets hit, I rez at the graveyard, or the siege vehicles spawn. I get the error screen just like what was shared by others in this thread.

I even got a deserter debuff because of the amount of times I crashed in 1 WG. It’s hard to get in combat with someone when you are constantly crashing. :frowning_face:

18324226-837A-46B1-B4BF-192BAFF1C4BC <<<<< hey blizz theres a dam crash report number… yea its bad… half my bg crashed at once and then the other half did over a few minutes

I think they fixed this in today’s build, I’m no longer crashing while most of the raid still is (as they haven’t updated yet).

It crashes whenever a tower takes damage (when a piece of it breaks off)
Seems to include the fortress towers too.

It crashed for ALL members of the entire raid when any damage occurs to any tower, vehicle, or wall with a tower attaches to it.

Taking down a wall makes it crash. Fix it!

From what I have seen when the siege hits walls or towers with a turret. everyone in the WG crashes.

In one run, it was every time a piece of a southern tower was damaged or destroyed. So it crashed that many times. We watched it happen each time we hit that thresshold.