Wings of Liberty (Avenging Leap) NEW ON PTR

No. This is bad.

I don’t get this mental block of something being essentially the same therefor will never be given to X other spec/class.

Like what’s the difference between Roll from Monk and Fel Rush from DH?
They essentially do the same thing with some class specific flavor added.
Animation is different and they made one deal damage. Different CD but one has 3 charges.
What’s the difference between ghost wolf and druid shifting into cat form?
Druid have a charge almost identical to Warrior.
Like… there’s not a millions ways to design abilities that just gets you from point A to point B.

That’s the PTR, their base idea is essentially based off leap so the fastest way to try it is just to copy paste it and give it whatever name. They can tweak the description later on if they decide to keep it, after tweaking it out so that it fit the paladin theme.
What could they do to fit the paladin theme?
Animation wise, as the name would suggest, maybe wings appear on your back, maybe there is a trail of light following you.
Functionally what could it do that’s different than War?
If they keep consecration could they put something like “Your impact on arrival force light into the ground, consecrating it”?
Could it remove snares and slow upon usage? As the infamous “mobility is fun” note told us we were more about that.
Could it be shorter range and lower CD? To fit the style of a “relentless pursuit”

I don’t think we should assume its impossible just because they left a description identical while they are clearly testing ideas. That’s just a line of text.

Admittedly we probably shouldn’t get to exited about it either.
But the perspective of a more instant movement, canceling big knock back mechanics and breaking fall damage is very appealing to me at least.

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The animation and the tooltip. If they change both on this one, sure I can see it being added to paladins. But not as an EXACT copy. And it reads like an exact copy (minus range).:slight_smile:


EDIT: Btw I agree. And obviously we’re not getting “heroic leap” as is.

Are they supposed to do all that just to test it first? on the PTR nonetheless?
The things you’re pointing at are superficial. They want to test the ability to leap on paly and probably experiment some added functionality.

It would literally be wasted time and effort to go and come up with a another tooltip and animation for something they are not sure they are gonna implement, while the only thing they need it to do for the moment is the action of leaping.

This action as already something coded on another class, no point in starting all over just for tests.

Yea, I can relate. One could also make the case that there must be something mobility-related in the works because otherwise why add such an ability at all? On the other hand…it’s Blizzard. They were quite adamant about paladins having no mobility. Even if they added the spell in the next build it could be gone a build after…Lothar’s/Turalyon’s Might comes to mind.
Nontheless I would appreciate some sort of charge or leap besides Steed.

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Yes but…

Those are the most recent objectives, it supersede what was said in the past until something else comes along and change this objective.

They want to make “improvements” which means we should end up at least slightly better than we are now.
Not yet clear what this would mean XD

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I have next to zero zero hope this will make it live.

But I sure do love the thought of it doing so.

plot intensifies

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Well with the Talents Hallowed Ground and Consecrated Ground, it would both removed snares on you and allies in the impact zone as well as snare all enemies caught in the impact zone. And some healing if for some reason you took Golden Path.


It should 100% do holy damage not physical.

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dont add consecration to mobility. with all the signs being pointed to a potential consecration buff. it will just encourage the use of this ability as part of our rotation for a easy double consecration or more consecration uptime since consecration has a 20 second cd now. leap then consecration every 45 seconds (if leap keeps its 45 sec cd)


Or you could just make it exclusive with the current consecration that’s currently down.

I’ve seen your posts, you seem to have very determined takes but limited imagination.

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So long as Consecration is on the GCD, even if Consecration and the internal CD on Consec-via-Liberty shared cooldowns, it’d still save you a GCD to apply it via Wings of Liberty instead.

If defensive/supportive utility up the wazoo is to be/remain a Paladin theme, I wouldn’t mind having some sort of AoE snare purge or the like on launch or landing, but it probably shouldn’t be via Consecration so long as we’re going through with the changes of making Consecration a true CD rather than just something to be roughly maintained.

:: Personally, I’d still prefer to see all Holy damage leave a wake of consecrated ground if it’s to have utility synergies available to it, with Consecration then being a separate and situational button of much higher aura DPS and double or so of those normal synergies’ effects. Then, just make WoL deal at least some Holy damage instead.

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im being realistic

if its a leap it wil lhave snare and root removal. i just dislike the idea of dps being tied to a mobility cd that doesnt have a short cd to justify being used as a dps ability

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And that’s a bad thing?

As long as you have a reason to cast Consecration while you’re not moving, it’s fine.

Because you’re saving Wings of Liberty for when you need to move, I see no issue.

In fact I see this as a plus.

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By your suggestion, you would have X amount of utility (new) and damage (a significant increase relative to patch note version), both taken from the overall budget of your build/spec, that requires using that mobility skill.

Unless you use that mobility skill on cooldown, you will be losing damage.

That can be fine, so long as the implications of either can be balanced simultaneously (perhaps by PvP-specific tuning, that that would be harder in this case than most) for both PvE and PvP.

Else you’re likely to have your mobility held back by attempts to balance the build’s maximum total throughput for whichever situation it’d be strongest in, meaning that when everything goes perfectly (you need mobility only once per [Leap’s CD]) the tool is balanced or at best slightly OP but in all other cases your mobility feels insufficient.

It gives you more risk-reward to work with (Do I risk overlapping Leap-Consecration or do I hold?), which is fun, but it is going to be objectively more constraining to tie throughput to mobility.

For instance, in PvE, Survival basically doesn’t have Harpoon, because one MUST use it almost precisely on CD just to keep up their damage. It’s no longer movement tool outside of refreshes; it’s just a generator with a splash of damage that requires you to occasionally back out to 8 yards.

Having Leap not just turn into primarily a double-CD oGCD-Consecrate-with-bonus-direct-damage, then, requires that the damage thus granted not too often be worth more than the damage granted (via increased melee uptime) from the mobility itself.

I.e., there are balancing concerns there between the mobility value and the more direct damage value if you want it to still act as a mobility CD.

I said this:

Which means that you wouldn’t be given an additional consecration, hence no damage increase.

There are various ways to implement this, for example, using Avenging Leap clears current consecrations.

Considering Consecration already does this, shouldn’t be hard.

Consecration in the above context (20s CD) will not have full uptime. Which means you’d want to hold onto WoL for when Consecration has already ended. So yes, that’d be a damage increase unless you got unlucky with the timing—a matter which then makes its balance all the more finnicky.

Almost all Consec applications purge earlier applications; that much was already assumed going into any idea for Consecration-on-landing-WoL. That’s not the issue being pointed out.

Either Consecration would need to forgo its listed changes and remain relatively unimpactful (in which case Leap still saves a GCD for burst utility and a faint rotational damage bonus, but that alone), or you need something else to keep it in check.

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This actually depends on how high Consecration is on the attack order. Or you can just give Consecration a cooldown close to its duration.

If it’s even off by 5 seconds with a 20 second cooldown, that could still be considered acceptable depending on how the numbers work out.

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Why would you want Consecration to still have full uptime but a longer cooldown, though? That accomplishes nothing more than if it had no cooldown, since you don’t spam damage-over-time effects anyways, all while adding further constraints. It’d just make it that much clunkier, since you could never move it until it had run its full (in this case, 20-second) course.

Tank moved mobs out of Consecration? Welp, you can’t recoup any of that now, nor can you use it simultaneously for damage and utility unless things just happen to align in your favor.

That’d be a objectively and purely a nerf.