[Windwalker] Dance of Chi-Ji Bug with SCK

On the raiders training dummy;

  • A single cast of Spinning Crane Kick with 1 stack of Mark of the Crane & the target debuffed with Mystic Touch will hit 4 times, 832 damage each tick, for a total of 3,328.

  • With 1 trait of Dance of Chi-Ji, and the same conditions as above, the damage will increase to 2,314 per tick, for a total of 9,256 damage when it is buffed by the proc from the trait.

You can see these side by here

When you use Storm, Earth, and Fire everything works correctly without any procs. The damage is split evenly as you would expect.

But whenever you get a proc of Dance of Chi-Ji you end up with this bug where [your] damage will go up like it had intended to split but your Earth, and Fire Clone, will not actually do the increased damage, overall lowing the damage done not just by the trait, but any potential damage added to Spinning Crane Kick as well.

This bug does not impact our ability to play but with most of the gameplay being centered around Storm, Earth, and Fire as a cooldown right now anytime in the buff duration where we want to be spending resources this one ability ultimately feels bad to use when you know the bug is consistently going to happen.


This is a very important fix, currently it’s a damage loss to use your big AoE damage proc during your big damage increase CD, which seems very unintended (looking at all the historical cases of an ability doing 45% in SEF) and unintuitive.

Ideally the fix is make clones inherit the buff so you correctly do 135% of your out-of-SEF damage with your DoC buffed SCK. This will be an even bigger issue once Season 2 hits and we’re aiming to always be using at least 1 DoC trait.

This is a really big problem for all content. The continuous bugs with SCK make me want to not play windwalker In higher end content. Please Fix

Please fix this…Facing same issue

Bump, this is a huge deal

Bump! Some acknowledgement from the powers that be would be nice.

Bumping yet again to get some clarity about whether this will ever be fixed.

Hey why does using our best AOE cooldown (SEF) break our best AOE trait?

Any word on a fix for this yet? I noticed the same issue when going through some parses.

Nah. We’re going to try and get this more attention somehow.


At this point it feels like it is time for a rework on how they calculate the damage from the clones… Every xpac it feels like another ability needs to be fixed with SEF and we spend half the expansion trying to get it fixed.

Wouldn’t it just work better if the clones each just did like 15 to 20% of the monk’s damage and the monk’s damage stayed at 100% so when these bugs come up at least we wouldn’t be losing damage by using our DPS cooldown?


Dealing 100% of our normal damage and having clones do 15% each would be a starting point and would make issues like this less important / less impactful when they pop up. Bugs are something we’re never going to fully escape from so any failsafe is better than waiting each time.


Look at the WW monk spotlight on Raider .IO and how they have to explain to readers the many bugs in our spec.

Its not cool when the 1st advice you have to give new WW players is “learn to work around all the bugs”. This is the reason many think WW is a bad spec when in fact they can perform exceptionally well.

Blizzard is a small indie company you can’t expect them to fix something like this anytime soon as they don’t have the man power to investigate and fix bugs like this…

Oh wait a second . … They just don’t give a damn

It’s being looked into from what I understand