Windwalk weapon enchant - not working

PROBLEM: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk not working

I’ve created speed buidls for all my characters – one of each class. When the class permits, applied the weapon enchant “Windwalk” to Item Level 72 weapon, Runeblade of Baren Rivendare. I’ve closely monitored the effect of this enchant and have not seen a single proc. So far, have tested this enchant + weapon combination on both my survival hunter & unholy death knight with the same result.


Solution: was tracking wrong spell ID; correct spell ID = 74243

Note: Windwalk proc requires use of a melee ability; so to trigger, action tooltip must say “melee” on it – i.e. the base tooltip, before enhancements/talents applied , or else procs may come from melee auto-attacks.