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Blacksmiths (Alliance):
Korgarr (A) 285 BS
Geotus (A) Steel Weapon Chain
Phoeniix (A) 300 Armorsmith
Rado (A) Lionheart Helm
Rishiku (A) Elemental Sharpening Stone, Thorium Spike
Skippinder (A) 300 Armorsmith, Dark Iron Armor
Xandor (A) 275 BS

Blacksmiths (Horde):
Aesir (H) Lionheart Helm
Wibu (H) Lionheart Helm
Zarlen (H) Lionheart Helm

Enchanters (Alliance):
Blueeyes (A) Crusader, riding skill, Fiery, Icy
Damname (A) 30 Spell Power Weapon
Deeds (A) 55 Healing Power Weapon
Lasko (A) Crusader, Lifesteal, 55 Healing Power Weapon
Letters (A) 30 Spell Power Weapon
Rado (A) 55 Healing Power Weapon, 30 Spell Power Weapon
Skippinder (A) 30 Spell Power Weapon
Supadu (A) 55 Healing Power Weapon
Zyxt (A) 30 Spell Power Weapon

Enchanters (Horde):
Avoidance (H) 30 Spell power, 55 Healing
Shu (H) 55 Healing Power Weapon

Engineers (Alliance):
Gnomercee (A) Core Marksman Rifle
Taylorson (A) Biznick’s Accurascope

Engineers (Horde):
Ashrak (H) Force Reactive Disk
Greaf (H) Force Reactive Disk
Orcasmm (H) Core Marksman Rifle
Ottavit (H) Force Reactive Disk
Peta (H) Core Marksman Rifle, Force Reactive Disk
Rooftoplaps (H) Core Marksman Rifle
Tyreal (H) Force Reactive Disc

Pekabo (A) Tribal Leatherworker, all patterns
Soralea (A) Black Dragonscale Boots

Tailors (Alliance):
Blueeyes (A) Mooncloth Bag, Robe of Winter Night, Felcloth Set
Mendeleev (A) Flarecore Robe/Gloves/Mantle, Mooncloth Robe

Tailors (Horde):
Nekoma (H) Core Felcloth Bag

Server Discord: https: // /nyR6uNQ

Last updated 7/17/20

Lionheart Helm - Aesir
Force Reactive Disk - Tyreal
Healing Power - Shu
Core Felcloth Bag - Nekoma

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And thank RNGesus for that Lionheart drop lol

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Glad horde finally have it :slight_smile:

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Zarlen from Elite can also craft the Lionheart Helm as well for Horde side.

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Could you make a list of all the commonly wanted recipes and update who has them? Either that or we get a google docs or something. I don’t know what’s relevant for myself to add.

-Thorium Brotherhood
—Flarecore Gloves
—Flarecore Robe
—Flarecore Mantle

—Mooncloth Robe

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Besides Flasks, are there other Alchy recipes that are sought after that should be on this list?

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I’m not really knowledgeable about what’s most desired or needed, but a spreadsheet or google docs link might be a good thing to add, especially if we continue to get more crafters on the list. I’ll have to look around at similar resources and find a good format.

As for Alchemy, I’d assume that flasks and protection pots would be what’s most needed, but I don’t know that much about the profession.

In the meantime, posting the tradeskill (“Eekamouse, 300 Basketweaving”) and any non-trainer recipes known would be a good start.

Mostly I want to develop a lasting resource that players can use to find crafters, and that helps crafters get some easy extra business and server rep.

We got our first recipe drop!

Add Skippinder to the +30 spellpower list please!

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I can make Core Marksman Rifle

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I got Spellpower!

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Grats and ty, added to the list.

Spell power and Healing enchants here

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I plan to split this into Alliance and Horde sections to make it easier to read, and after I get a few more entries, I’d like to make an accompanying spreadsheet.

Add myself and Greaf (H) for the Force Reactive Disc

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Pekabo Tribal LW - All patterns known.

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I now have Force Reactive Disk

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grats; adding to the list

Skippinder can do most enchants, missing just healing weapon, greater stats on chest, and lifestealing.

Also, Skippinder is Armorsmith and can do all the dark iron gear from thorium brotherhood.

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Haven’t updated this in a while, but thanks to Geotus for helping me with the weapon chains!