Windrunner's Guidance drops all stacks upon leaving combat. Intended hotfix or bug?

Windrunner’s Guidance now drops all stacks when leaving combat. No documented changes of this nerf. What gives, is it a bug or intended nerf?


I am surprised this is getting no attention here. This essentially makes WG unusable in M+ since packs do not last 2+ minutes. Also, feign death drops stacks! Meaning if you use FD to avoid a mechanic in raid, it is also unusable. This represents a significant DPS loss in M±-for me it was a 5/7% loss in M+, or ove 11k dps.

Have you reported this in the bugs forum?

It has been reported, yes
feel free to submit another

Can confirm leaving combat and or feign death completely removes windrunner’s gudance…

That’s a massive blow to MM, its one of our last row talents.


Knowing Blizzard this must be a nerf to M+
I hope I’m wrong… :expressionless:

In PTR 10.2.0 and 10.2.7 the behavior is the same.


I’m going to have to try some other talents then.

I submitted a report in-game because this is a pretty massive bug. I’m pretty sure it’s not intended because the buff itself lasts 1 minute. A long duration like that suggests it’s meant to carry over from combat to combat.

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everyone go open a ticket. run sims, this is a HUGE loss for m+

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still waiting on a fix for this, it makes the talent unplayable for all content outside of lengthy raid boss fights :frowning:

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F-ing ridiculous. Is Blizzard even reading this? MM already simming under BM, now practically unplayable. Please address!

Still no fix as of 11/24

Still no word on this. cant use this talent in any world content or m+ :frowning:

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Hey Blizzard do something!!!


Bumping this. Would be nice to know if they’re aware of the bug or not.

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“Just stop playing MM” - Blizzard, after making WRG dropoff out of combat and forcing MM to use Hunter’s Mark again.