Windfury Weapon vs 2 points in elemental weapons

In PvP, everyone is putting two points in elemental weapons and no point in windfury weapon when running the elemental build.

Why are they doing that instead of putting 1 point in windfury and 1 point in elemental weapons?

Why isn’t 1 point in windfury ALWAYS better than putting a second point in elemental weapons?

Elemental weapons provides 5% per weapon imbue. So don’t you get 5% from elemental weapons whether you put 2 points in elemental weapons or 1 point in elemental weapons and 1 point in windfury?

Except that if you put one point in windfury you ALSO get windury weapon for more damage and more procs?

What am I missing?

You can get the full bonus from elemental weapons by having flametongue on both weapons (you swap and cast FT again).

There is suspicion that this will get hotfixed as the revision to EW was intended to coax Enh into using WF/FT in all builds, but for now Lash builds get so little damage from WF they prefer FT/FT with 2 points in EW.

Thanks. Yeah, seems like an oversight by blizzard for the reason you stated and the fact that you can’t do it naturally.

And I guess extra procs from WF weapon still aren’t worth it? I feel like I generate a noticeable amount more MSW with WF weapon than without. Plus it seems like WF would help with other stuff like flurry uptime.

Also, anyone have a macro they could share for rebuffing that includes the weapon swapping?

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You do, but not enough to justify 5% elemental damage.

Not to mention, Enh in arena doesnt care as much about MW stack generation. Lash builds do most of their damage from Lash and only need a 10-stack every 12s or so for an ele blast. And if theyre the target of enemy melee, theyre generating a ton of stacks passively from lightning shield.

Seems this has been hotfixed, swapping slots for my weapons removes the skill enchantment.

I can still swap and have FT on both weapons.

I don’t know why they just don’t introduce Frostbrand back as an imbue either baseline or 1 point talent somewhere. Seems like both builds would benefit from having it back as one of the weapon imbues and fits both builds.

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We don’t actually gain any benefit from having FT on the main hand right? It only affects Lavalash and you only get benefits from one correct? In that case wouldn’t it be better to have WF since you’ll get the same benefit + WF?

The point of double flametongue is to save the talent point on windfury but still get the full benefit from elemental weapons (which is 5% per weapon buff).

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I don’t have a macro. I created a gear set that swaps my weapons while ignoring all other slots. Then I have my LL build gear set. So I always start in the LL, quickly swap to other then quickly swap back to the LL gear set

This is the answer I’ve been looking for. With two points in EW, it says each weapon imbued would add 5% for a total of 10% increased damage. This is correct, right?

That is correct.

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