< Windfall > [H] 7/8H is recruiting

< Windfall > Horde is recruiting

Windfall 7/8H is looking for more DPS to fill our Heroic Roster going into mythic. Raid days are Wednesday/ Thursday 7-10 EST , with a normal Eternal Palace AP clear every Sunday @7pm EST. We take progression raiding seriously and aim to push hard and get a lot done in only 2 days. Currently looking for…

Classes Recruiting:

Hunters - Any Spec
Shammy – Enh, Ele
Lock** – Any Spec
DK - Frost, Unholy
Rogue - Any Spec
Warrior – Fury, Arms
Monk – WW
Paladin – Ret

We are not taking: DH, Mages (any spec), Spriest, or Boomkins.

Contact Information