Will Wrath Survive for ICC w the Dwindling population?

This post is doom and gloom… The game will be popular right till the end because many players enjoy the content and the nostalgia… If you’re not enjoying it you probably have issues with getting into a decent group. Even dead servers like mine have dedicated players logging in and playing every single day… imagine how many more play on mega servers? What a joke to say this game is dying… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t believe this can be true.

I only levelled a character during classic vanilla but I seem to recall Naxx having 800k on ironforge. Tbc started at around 500k characters raiding T4, dropped pretty quickly during Christmas, and then more slowly to 300k by the time Sunwell came out. LK started with 600k and is now sitting at 480k.

Given the attunements required during vanilla and tbc classic would have limited the number of alts, I would guess tbc classic’s raiding population was pretty close to and vanilla’s greater than classic LK. Vanilla would have a lot more people like me who never raided and were there only to see the old world.

Believe it or not, it’s a fact

Because gold farmers are questing :man_facepalming: You obviously have 0 idea on how the bots work.

I posted like 6 different videos and you pointed out one of them

As for the random part of RDF that was never a factor because the “fix” was not for that it was for being able to queuing for a specific dungeon and you are talking about the random part like you are some smart cookie for pointing out the obvious that was not even part of the conversation at all. all kinds of special now ain’t you.

The random part is still there regardless you que for 8 dungeons it Is still assigning you to a random dungeon out of the this :roll_eyes:

You claiming its true does not make it a fact. Unless you can show some other proof I’ll stick with the ironforge numbers as a good estimate.

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Admitted that was a while ago and server pops have definitely dwindled since (as per the topic at hand) but classic servers have always been upwards 3 times as large as OG ones.

Which show the population is far above the last 2 versions…

That’s interesting, doesn’t help much in comparing classic games.

Vanilla had higher and tbc about the same. Show me otherwise or just keep wishing it were true.

Do you know how to read a graph? Classic vanilla was running between 200-400k depending on the point in phases you look at. TBC peaked out at 400k. We are currently at 481k and that is AFTER losing the chinese servers.

Where’s this graph? I’ve asked you 3 times for proof and you have yet to provide it.

ironforge… you know, the one that you claim says something else…


Yeah, thats not linked off the main page, but at least you finally showed where you’re coming from. I was quite sure tbc had 500k before ssc/tk released, I was actually paying attention at that point, but if the charts saying 400k its probably using the same methods as 600k for wrath.

Still doesn’t change the fact wrath means more alts (no attunes plus gear catch up much less) . Also, means the % loss from top is much greater now. TBC would have only lost 10% on T6 release and 25% lost over the course of its life till 3.0 went live. LK has already lost 25% from its top.

It also lost 100% of the chinese servers. Sure some of them have rerolled bia a vpn but there was a sizable loss there.

if you don’t know the answer. then you truly are lost in the conversation. do you truly believe that you can have 5 dks running dungeons together?

My understanding was they had their own servers. Ironforge is showing losses a month before that even if they were somehow counting them.

:clown_face: :earth_americas:

They were absolutely being counted. You saw that drop because that was around the time that it was announced and obvious it wasn’t changing. The ones that were going to continue playing started rerolling and others quit.

Yeah, if you can get some 40-50 people to report a bot he’ll get banned too.

Good luck with that.

Well it is the curse of knowledge I saw it in tbc era and wrath era. People will once they get some gear enough to qualify them for trail stop playing. Once icc is out interest will soar.

You’re a joke.