Will we get to use our pvp titles at some point in classic?

So apparently we lose our pvp rank title if we derank. I know at some point blizzard allowed us to keep and use whatever title we had earned but I’m not sure if this change was in classic or TBC.

Can anyone confirm?

Titles were added in patch 2.0.1. I doubt they will ever be a part of classic.

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If titles were added in 2.0.1 then why do we have titles now?

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I think there is just some confusion with the nomenclature here. What you are referring to are pvp ranks. Your current rank is displayed in the battle ground and above your character among other places. Titles like Scarab Lord, Justicar, Conquerer and highest pvp rank acheived (as a title) were not a part of vanilla. They were added with the Burning Crusade content patch.


Because your rank is not a “title” in the TBC kinda way.

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Thought they were added in naxx patch.

Nope, 2.0 tbc prepatch

The thing you’re missing is that they gave you the title of your highest achieved rank so deranking didn’t matter.