Will this GPU bottleneck my CPU?

Will the 2080super bottleneck my i7 7700k? mostly I play WoW only and normal games not intense.

I don’t think it will. My RTX 2060 is bottlenecked by 4790.

For a game like wow, no definitely not. I mean, the 2080 super is basically top of the line anyway so if it was a bottleneck then there’s nothing much you can do. But wow is typically harder on your cpu than gpu. the 7700k esp if overclocked is still a fine cpu, but there are significant gains to be had by upgrading it. what gpu are you currently using?

1070, But i got the 2080 super for free from a friend of mine he upgraded his PC and gave me this, but I was worried that if it would bottleneck my CPU if so I would just sell it and upgrade other parts.

I’d hold out for awhile because there’s a problem with Nvidia cards lately with 8.3

Including rtx lines

Odd it’s not being discussed here :thinking:

Point is, if you aren’t having any issues with your card now don’t, the rtx card could give you issues

150 people have posted about nvidia issues over the course of 2-3 months and you’re recommending against using one, sound the alarm :roll_eyes:

imo, this is kind of a close call. Unless you play in 4k resolution, I think the cpu is probably the better upgrade, but I doubt it’s so much better it’s worth selling that gpu to fund it. Also where do I find a friend who gives away top of the line gpus to upgrade to just slightly more top of the line gpus.

When an official blue is asking for reports with people’s Nvidia cards… Yeah something is up

But if you read what I said

It’s nice he got it free yes, but if he’s not having fps drops/crashes like the other 150+ users and soon more to come since it hasn’t been fix yet… He should probably take precaution

Someone’s rtx 2080 ti and gtx 1080 ti are also having issues so nothing is clearly an exception

With WoW, starting in patch 8.3. This is a WoW issue they’re looking to fix. Quit trying to blame the company you don’t like.

If that was the case why is it that older drivers temporary fixes the issue :thinking:

Mordrid actually wanting OP to revert to dx 11 legacy mode (and lose 20+ fps) to play WoW :sob:

Or it will run just fine like it has been for the vast majority of us. You’re just playing the “Intel/Nvidia Bad” game that only you care about.

I’m having no issues with my ROG STRIX 2080TI, even in overwatch which does push it harder than WoW does.

Knew you would defend Nvidia even if it meant losing fps by using legacy DX settings :rofl:

Gets in the AMD bad thread because lul

Doesn’t like it when it’s the other way around :thinking:

Or maybe those vast majority aren’t reporting it like they should

TIL mordrid thinks he speak for the player base :thinking:

Funny, my Nvidia card is fine and I’m not using legacy DX settings, and you’re speculating.

It’s not the other way around. You’re the only one here posting about it. Again, a WoW issue that 8.3 caused.

Making assumptions again :yawning_face:

I can read. If it were a widespread problem I would have heard about it before today, and experienced it myself.