Will there be layers where respecs cost less?

Just another good idea if you ask me.

Also, I wonder if layering will help with keeping the AH stocked with black lotus and other good stuff?


There will be a troll layer where you and I dine. :wine_glass::cocktail:


Did you get sick of still having forum access or something?


Will there be a Whisqey who isn’t a troll? Nah, its a fixed personality in every layer.

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lmao this is actually a good thread Whisqey good on you.

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If nothing else, you gotta admire his commitment to getting himself banned every time he comes back.

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I suspect I am admired the most for standing up against all of the no-changers in the name of quality of life changes.

I may have been banned once, but I don’t see them clogging up my threads threatening to report me for advocating for the kinds of changes that have been implemented.


edit: Please make a layer where respecs are free

Okay this one made me giggle. GJ

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This man scares me - take me to my safe-layer.


Layers are like alternate dimensions. Infinite possible realities. Some layers may have Thrall as Alliance.

“I come in peace. Take me to your layer” - the new meme

lotus are BoP 1 point

ERP layer imo

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There could be so many layers that in some other layer a character with your exact name is performing the exact same actions! :laughing:

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Maybe ask a Stormwind City Guard on Launch day? They might have the answers you seek. :wink:


I jest.

The only information needed from a Stormwind City Guard is how to get to Ironforge.

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Says Smithwhisquey.

But I want to get to the Ironforge where the pvp is going off.

Which tram do I take?