Will there be a Naxx skip to Sapph / KT

Fixed that for you.

Here you go.

Oh a blue responded.


This thread is now a loop

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You linked a post from this very thread… :wink:

I’m very helpful


I don’t normally hop on the forums but tytyty for this change. We’re extremely excited to try out the new Naxx. This is exactly what alts needed and will help keep the game fresh. P.S. Please extend Joyous Journey. The game thrives on alts which helps the cookie cutter shuffle of forming groups. Nothing worse than being turned down from a group because you don’t have a class or spec they need/want. #some changes, #therightchanges.

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Neat, thanks!

thank you so much for this. Happy Tuesday Kaviax

since we’re adding 3.3 chances (i support this kt skip btw)…

RDF when?


This didn’t age well

It didn’t age at all. unless you count 15 minutes as aging.

But yep I was wrong. I said what made sense to me, but apparently not Blizzard.

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I’m hearing the Hallelujah chorus in the back ground with this one.

All these clutch plays to catch up but they’re getting rid of the buff to get to 80 faster. Please keep Joyous around.

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My goodness, you can finish Naxx easily in less than 90 min…play the game zoomers.

Everyone who has been playing p1 for the past several months has cleared nax plenty of times. This is to catch up for alts and those who never got a chance at vital peices they need, simple.

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That’s called heroic plus last boss loot…

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