Will the trolls ever get revenge?

So after all this time Draenei got back Argus, almost all human nations are restored and the night elves got a fresh capital.

What about the Horde races?

Outland is still destroyed.

Most troll cities are empty.

Kezan is still not resettled.

Half of Quel’thalas is still not updated and Midnight might make it worse.

Lordaeron was reduced to Tirisfal.

The troll stuff is extra bad because the oldest civilization on Azeroth is almost left with nothing.

Does Blizzard just hate Trolls and their friends or is the tolkien curse still in full swing in any fantasy?

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I thought this thread was going to be about the Gurubashi but instead it’s about… the trolls of Lordaeron(?)


Amani yes. The entire North was their empire before high elves and humans came.

Not every “injustice” needs to be made right in a fantasy setting. It doesn’t mean the authors hate trolls or Horde races. Also:

Yeah, Outland is still destroyed. Thanks Ner’zhul. By the way, if Draenei “got back” Argus then orcs definitely still have a potential home with Outland. As there are far more orcs living in Outland than Draenei living on Argus and Outland is in FAR better shape.

I’m not sure if most troll cities are empty, but if they are, that’s on the trolls. Not sure where your source of info is on that statement.

Is Kezan not resettled? Wasn’t there a bunch of Azerite there that was being mined? I’m sure goblins still live there.

The Quel’thalas stuff is just in game. Most of the Alliance locations have not had an update either. But yes, Midnight could make it worse, but it could also make it better.

In game. But in lore, the forsaken learned how to clean up the blight. I’m sure they’ve done this in lore.

Also I’m not sure what you mean by “get revenge”. On who? For what? Or is this whole thread advocating trolls take back the height of their empire as “revenge”?


Outland will desitegrate. Argus is still whole and the Krokrul are trying their best to heal and resettle even letting literal demons back into society.

Yes they do. Alliance bias is obvious.

Getting back at the people that killed you for thousands of years is their own fault? Nice victim blaming especially considering the genocide.

The Bilgewater hasn’t returned from Kalimdor right? Undermine is still not visiting.

Alleria is the protagonist of the world soul saga so Blizzard will write it in a way that all her goals are accomplished at the expanse ofm the blood elf community.

They retreated from Silverpine and Hillsbrad for the sake of peace pushed by the traitor council.

Yes because we have a precedence that almost all human nations minus Lordaeron are recovered. All land is troll land.

Humans, Dwarfs and elves. All who never got punished for mass murder.

And there are people trying to make Outland livable too. It’s in much less bad shape than Argus is objectively speaking.

Having the Horde not in the same state as the Alliance does not mean hatred of a faction. That’s silly. The Horde kind of has to have to be downtrodden or the villains for them to really have a justified reason for the faction to even exist.

Getting back at who? You said the cities were empty. Meaning they aren’t occupied by the Alliance or any other various faction to “get back at”. They aren’t empty because they are inhospitable either. So if they don’t resettle those cities, that’s on them.

I mean I’m not super well versed on Goblin lore, I just remember Kezan being important in the background of BFA and I think there was a dungeon set there too. It’s not crazy to think it’s resettled in the background since it was used as a mining operation and the miners need to sleep somewhere.

It’s possible the Blood elves get screwed over, but it seems like Midnight is going to be all elves uniting at the very least. So could easily go well for them.

Okay, and when the humans,elves,dwarves,etc won’t give up their land what should happen to them? Because nobody in their right mind is giving back land claimed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years ago. For that matter, what should happen to all the other Horde races and other sentient life living on “troll land” that don’t want to be under troll rule?

Yes it does. If you treat one side better it is bias. Any other MMO can tell you this which Blizzard ignores since their fans since its normal for them by now.

Alliance strong good. Horde weak good. We know this by now won’t change the facts.

Noted. Alliance has to be the major power or else alliance feelings are hurt. Got it.

They are empty because the alliance teamed up to kill them all multiple times over.

No ingame or lore sources on taht just speculation. Until nothing else says we are still at Cataclysm status.

under alliance leadership. After Void consumed the rest. Like it always does in the plot minus Cataclysm.

Die. Killing is justified if the guilty are protected by the other factio to the point of borderline Stockholm. And we don’t have a UN here so that is the only way those responsible see justice.

You mean after killing the natives? Typical colonizer mindset.

Neither Durotar nor Mulgore were ever troll land and Darkspear and Revtanusk, Shatterspear and Zandalari are allies of the Horde regardless. Those who still hold troll lands and destroyed their settlements to build their own are still alive however thats Stormwind, Quel’thalas, Darnassus, Khazmodan and Stromgarde. All of them have to go back to Ulduar and Nazjatar where they came from.

No, it could easily be direction they want to go with it. The Horde being the underdog is kind of their thing. You’re reading intentions into it.

More it’s the Horde Faction identity and has been for most of the lifespan of the Warcraft franchise. It has nothing to do with personal feelings lol.

The Horde was involved in a lot of this too btw lol.

Not directly, but it’s less speculation than you make about Midnight.

Then trolls will just have to take more and more beatings. I guess you want more and more troll dungeons and raids lol. You believe genocide is okay so long as some bad thing happened to the people doing it even if it happened thousands upon thousands of years ago. But it’s just funny you say I have “colonizer mindset” when you want trolls to genocide and colonize the world again if the rest of the world doesn’t want to give up the society they’ve lived in forever lol.

You have a very shallow view of justice and a shallow morality if you honestly believe trolls should kill everyone if they don’t submit. And no amount of pretending like you’re advocating against imperialism and for the indigenous person will change that fact. You’ll also have to reckon with the fact trolls were not the first inhabitants of this world and if you truly wanted to be consistent, you should advocate for an elemental or void controlled world. With trolls submitting to them.

They used to be an equally strong superpower not a self loathing hippie community under the green guilt ridden Thrall who was raised by humans and has no connections to Orc culture considering he made no name NPCs the new clan leaders.

It does. Everyon other faction based MMO has equality already. Only WoW is bent on giving the Alliance literally everything after Turalyon took power.

Pretty sure the troll wars and Medivh Mex Machinaing the Gurubashi have a larger death toll.

That is because we know by now how Blizzard writes their stories. Midnight can be predicted by making Nightborne and blood elves alliance.

Can’t colonize what was originally your land.

When actual guilty people are punished.

So alliance bias proven yet again. Humans and friends protected by plot armor and traitor Horde.

They are alien titan robots their home is Ulduar.

Yes they were. The first humanoid civilization on Azeroth. Taht is the facts. Everyone acknowledges it.

I like how you ignore they weren’t the first inhabitants. Be consistent. Trolls are beneficiaries of colonization because the Titans came and conquered Azeroth. Without the Titans intervening the trolls would never have been a thing of note if a thing at all. At best they’d be slaves to the true rightful rulers of Azeroth. You’d also have to say it would be okay if the elementals killed all trolls, if you were consistent. Very easy to play this game.

Of course this would be nonsense to apply your standard. Because it’s not based on anything consistent in the first place. It lacks any kind of nuance and only pretends to have some moral high ground.

It’s more the plot armor given to good guys during stories often times. Because any faction of trolls acting under the morality you want them to act under would justifiably be put in the dirt. They wouldn’t be noble heroes fighting against imperialism. That’s for sure.

Humans took their land and got away with it. That is peak plot armor. Destroying all human nations is just self defense.

So you acknowledge without trolls and their mutations Azeroth would have no civilizations in the first place. Thoradin and Anasterian were the first genocide enablers of history after Azsharas imperialistic conquest of the world.

Wasn’t their land in the first place. As we established, they were not the first inhabitants of the world. Elementals were. So it belongs to the elementals. Trolls were just occupiers who got beat by stronger occupiers. Again, be consistent and stop advocating for troll imperialist colonizers. Support the elemental lords. They are the real indigenous beings of Azeroth that ruled it. Anything less is hypocritical.

Anyway, in this case, self defense would be from the human kingdoms. The trolls would be the aggressors. The human kingdoms would have every right to put the aggressors in the dirt and defend their lands.

I mean, I wouldn’t say no civilizations. But they would be vastly different yeah. This doesn’t make trolls the rightful rulers of everything.

Not their land. Ever. They are alien invader swho need to be wiped out. Titan robots shouldn’t exist.

Yes it does. They took land that was empty, Humans and their allies killed the trolls to geit theirs. Much difference.

Okay colonizer.

Trolls can’t be colonizers since no one was living on the land when they first took it. Humans came from Northrend and killed alot of trolls to ofund their nations.

Wrong. Colonization can happen to a people or a land. It’s why you hear talk about colonizing Mars despite there not being any aliens living there. But anyway, I don’t care what happened to the trolls back then. Nor do I actually care about the claim of the Elemental Lords, Black Empire, or Titans. It’s not relevant for who should have the land now. Thousands of years ago trolls did rule the land. Now they do not. Humans,dwarves,etc have set up a civilization now and pretty much the entire world not only recognizes them as legitimate. The troll empire should not come back just because it existed in history. It would be like if the Empire of Arathor wanted to make a come back and said “Hey you offshoot human kingdoms, you used to belong to us. So you must reunite and be under the historical borders.”

tl;dr: It sucks for the trolls, but times change. The trolls who want the old empire to return will either have to fight(and likely die) for it or accept it won’t happen. I don’t care about the events that happened to them that long ago. Doesn’t give them any rights to land inherently in modern day.

Of course you don’t care since alliance bias is the default set of the world and your experience would suffer if the trolls would actually win for a change and give the human scum a taste of their own medicine. Stormwind, Stromgarde, Gilneas, Dalaran and Kul Tiras must be eradicated and the lands back to the natives. No debate. Down with human supremacy and alliance bias.

Basically me reading this nonsense thread


No, Unlike yourself I am actually consistent in my opinions. If the situation were reversed I’d say the same thing but in favor of trolls. My position is not connected to bias for a faction. Anyway, trolls are never getting “revenge” for events that happened thousands of years ago. They lost. Humans,elves,etc won. They aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Get over it.

No I will not. Conquest is a crime by itself. All humans need to die in any fantasy franchise.