Will the new SL legendaries

… destroy dueling/world pvp like it was in Legion?

That is a good question. I certainly hope not.

Considering they will be activated in instance pvp no. Also templates is what killed dueling/wpvp not legos

Yeah because rogue’s shoulders were very balanced.

Templates weren’t active in wpvp only in instance pvp. They had no impact in duels or wpvp.


I actually really liked the legiondaries and Legion WPvP. Played a lot of warrior

At this rate, I’m glad it would, because we could all use a break. Because there’s no new WPvP content, that should mean that the riff-raff would be winnowed out. I had enough with Alliance guardsmen drilling during weekly reset. So I hope it does. I would recall myself saying that the truest PvP happens without any reward or incentive in it.

Granted, this was before WM, but Broken Isles WPvP was a joke. BFA did it a lot better sans WM, where the vast majority of the problems resided.

And that was a problem. Because gear very much mattered and gearing in pvp was a worst joke than it is now.
Hell templates even added a bunch of health that wasn’t present out in the world, even at mythic raid ilvls.
I could stack my mastery and vers so high at the end of legion I was back to one shotting people with Strike of the Windlord.

Yeah they were strong legos, but the follower and the legs were a bigger issue.
However everyone had legos that absolutely broke things out in the world.

I feel like the legendaries won’t be the issue. The issue will be the Conduits.

At first glance its no problem, but if they go with the rank system for Conduits, one OP Conduit for DH is reducing the cooldown of Blur by 40 seconds at max rank. It’ll be on a 20 second cooldown, and it lasts 10 seconds. So, its really a 10 second cooldown if anything.

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They got a lot of PvP tuning and balancing to do, something that is overdue for 2 years. I’ll patiently wait while I keep the jalapeño popcorn machine stoked.

I thought templates absolutely sucked in Legion. Maybe other classes/specs had well thought out templates but the templates for my main at the time (frost/arcane mage) seemed to have been designed by either an idiot or someone who hated mages or possibly both. I hated how the templates trashed my output and I hated instance pvp. A one-size-fits-none approach is not what was needed and should never be done.

Blizz has shown time and again that they can change an item, ability, or even the whole “aura” of the spec/class to be different in pve and pvp. They just never bothered in Legion and the result was massive class imbalance, sickenly OP artifact weapon/leggo abilities.

I’m interested in seeing how Legendaries work in SL. I just hope they weren’t made to turn broken specs into functional specs.

I agree. I hated the templates in Legion, and I didn’t like how it forced you to play a certain playstyle with the “one size fits all” stat template.

I could be rocking a nice Haste/Vers or Crit/Haste build in WPvP, but upon entering a BG suddenly be forced to play without those stats that I wanted for myself.

The legendaries were pretty broken. I remember when a rogue could literally one shot an entire raid if they ran the Fan of Knives Honor Talent, Fan of Knives legendary, and 100% crit shoulders. I’ve seen it happen time and time again in Legion and it was ridiculous.

The problem with Legion in my opinion was legendaries and lack of gear acquisition from PvP. It was better, and still is better, to do Mythic+ and Raiding for gear. The power difference in ilvl wouldn’t have been so bad in Legion if they just made PvP gear matter (on par or better than PvE gear for PvP) and made it relatively easy to acquire.