Will Keyrings be coming with Phase 2?

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World of Warcraft is installing a patch

Literally what the hell are you even talking about lmfao


I think it’s more like a ghost crew skeleton crew is far too generous


no you said with PHASE 2…we pay money for you to improve the game experience and said the key ring would have been with the game as it came with 1.12 and lied and just keep lying …TIRED of lies…are you gonna fix all the class bugs too… ban gold sellers…find a way to even the playing ground for the servers that havent had layering for the last month to the ones who still had layering this is getting sad…give Classic support instead retail; your earning numbers show the success of classic now your support has to focus on classic


OMG I hope you guys fix Hunters!

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You can go into your Interface Options, select Social and there should be an option to “Block Chat Channel Invites”.

Blocking it does not address the core issue. Put a level restriction of 20+ on creating channels or sending channel invites. No more advertising.
You see the gold sellers didn’t bother with whispers because they will be RCR into oblivion.
The reason the channel invites are working and no action is taken is because they are being reported for spam. The automod checks their chat logs and low and behold. No speech at all. False flag. Move on.
Even if the automod does give them a silence penalty guess what? It doesn’t stop them from sending channel invites.
Those level 1’s may be silenced in game for 100 years but hey they can still make channels and invite to those channels.
Blocking does not fix the problem. Blizz should just go into the logs and ban every level 1 that has made an advertising channel.
Wonder how many subs that is? Is that why they won’t take action because too many are buying/selling gold? Would banning these people affect sub counts that much? This is why I think blizz didn’t do anything to the layer exploiters, the dungeon boss exploiters, and why they won’t ban gold sellers. Sub counts.


I only just realised what this magical keyring everyone is talking about is.

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The dungeon boss exploiters got suspended at varying lengths depending on degree of occurrence

And they do ban Gold spammers on a daily basis, they just have an endless supply of stupid people to steal accounts and credit cards from.

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My first instinctual response wasn’t constructive so I have a few comments for this. First thanks for responding to questions.

We, myself and others, have no idea that phases are not the patches. With Classic being unchanging there really is no “reason” to ever patch it (if it was released perfectly without bugs). So what’s a hotfix, a phase and/or a patch for classic then?

I’m going to assume you guys are busy even if we’re not aware of what you’re doing for Classic. To me this seems werid as I seem to recall this feature tied to a phase and not a patch. I hope the confusion is understandable.


It wasnt a promise it was a clear misunderstanding that Blizzard could of easily cleared up and it was disingenuous of them not too.


Blocking Chat Channel invites does not prevent said channel invite spam text from appearing in your chat window, which is what I assume the OP was referring to.

Gold sellers are getting their gold spam messages into chat regardless of whether you block chat channel invites or not.


Because derailing a thread is spam. This is about keyrings.

people just like something to complain about.

If phases with new content aren’t patches, downloadable updates in the launcher aren’t patches, and server resets to apply changes aren’t patches, then what in the world is a patch?


Please make this a priority. The key ring is such a huge QoL item for the limited inventory management players have.

As someone who has every key in the game and farms dungeons, bag space is huge for me.

Your post does not give confidence that a patch will ever come, as it’s not needed to release even phases. You also hot fix bugs and exploits without patching.

It seems you have confirmed it will come out later this year. Please don’t patch it in on 12/31 lol. Get the patch out before Blizzard employees take your vacation leave.


Well. You know what to do. Maybe someone will see it then. Oh wait. He did. Samething. Ignore it and its not a problem. Lol.

That would skip a phase for those that want wPvP without BGs. That’s a phase that has a very short existence. BGs will be in for the long haul.

Patients, let the wPvP fans have their day in the sun



where is the cheese we have so much whine


I reactivated a second account two weeks ago for my wife to play on and that account had Starter edition treatment (i.e. fully muted) for 20 hours. Even though the CC I used was already used for WoW before so they should trust it a bit more than that.

Yet somehow those channel spammers create a new account and are good to go right away to spam us.

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