Will I have to install BfA if I plan on just playing Classic?


I plan on coming back to try out WoW Classic when it comes out but I don’t think I’ll be playing BfA. Since I will have to install WoW again on a new computer, I was wondering if it will be possible to just download/install the files needed for Classic or if I’ll have to install everything (Classic + BfA) anyway. In case it’s possible to just download and install the classic files, what size (roughly) should I expect?

(This is important information to me, because I have a limited amount of bandwidth and it will determine if I choose to install the game on a SSD or HDD).

Thank you.

(Sarakatawen) #2

The base game doesn’t include BfA. The base game includes all expansion up to and including Legion. The base game does not include (new) Classic as that hasn’t been released yet. When it’s released it will probably be a separate download as it is essentially a different game.

(Nok) #3

Classic is an entirely separate game under your wow account.

It requires a retail account with time applied against it.
Doesn’t matter if the retail account is just the base game or the base game upgraded to BfA.

There is only one wow retail client which contains both the base game and bfa. Wether or not you can play the bfa portions of the client depends upon having a bfa license on your wow account - not downloading a separate retail update.

If you don’t have/want the retail client installed, and only want to play classic, pay for time against your retail account and then just download the classic client.
You shouldn’t need to have both retail and classic installed as long as you have paid time against a retail wow account.


All you need is a battle net account and any currently supported WOW. Once it is live, you log into game. Click change realm. Click on the classic tab. Click create a new character. Play.

There are only two clients, ptr and live. There will not be a separate client for classic. This would defeat the purpose of Blizzard bringing vanilla up to speed.

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While we won’t know for sure until they start doing beta testing, the demo from Blizzcon was a separate install from “retail.” To be perfectly honest, I’d be surprised if they weren’t ultimately separate.


I couldn’t help but notice that nobody answered your question, and instead went on a rant acting like a “know it all”. In order to play classic, you’ll have to install bfa, then click a tab which will switch the launcher from the bfa launcher, to the classic launcher. after that, install classic; and you’ll be set. exactly how it was on the stress test and beta. You can expect no less than a 12GB download size and it will run on a HHD. That’s all they had in 2001. An SSD would of course give you better performance but it isn’t required at all. any other questions just shoot me a reply!

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That we know a lot more about classic now than three months ago?
Even then though, his basic question as to if he needed both bfa and classic was well answered a couple of times.
Seems the only person who went on a know-it-all rant in this thread was yourself.

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Nope. Nobody answered the question of “Will I have to install BfA if I plan on just playing Classic?”

Nobody at all…

As Nok said, the question was answered…


classic and modern version are seperate so, no you wont need bfa


Not to mention he even got the answer to the question wrong.

To be clear, you DO NOT have to install, buy, or play BFA in order to play Classic.

All that is required is an active world of warcraft subscription in order to play classic. I hope that is a clear enough answer Sandroin, and I do apologize if facts come off as “know it all”, but blatant false information and trolling is pretty frowned upon in this forum.

This is another false statement. According to the official minimum specs listed in the link below, WoW Classic will only require 5 GB of Storage.

Last but not least, this is what made me suspect trolling and not just ignorance.

Though even THAT is a completely false statement as well, as the first SSD hit the market in 1991, the game launched in 2004.


People come here for help. Responses like yours do the opposite of that and need to be called out, which is why I didn’t just report and move on. There’s a difference between posting what you think is right, and necroing a thread, ignoring the answers by previous posters, and proceeding to deliberately post false information.