Will Divine Storm see the same changes as Crusader Strike?

I’m wondering if we might see a future change to Divine Storm to match this “Holy Damage” theme?

Paladin’s could use plenty of changes and seeing as how the SoM build might get outscaled by the regular DS build in later phases we will need to see some TLC if we’re going to ever not be middle of the pack DPS like we’ve seen paladins consistently be throughout SoD so far.

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Would be nice but with any spell damage it can be resisted i believe. Its nice to have some physical but i would like better scaling via sp since we get sheath

Middle of the pack is exactly where a plate melee who can immune himself others and full heal in an emergency button should be.


Nah this is only spells.

Crusader Strike cannot be resisted because its not a spell.

But by the same notion, CS does not benefit from Sheath of Light, Seal of Righteousness, or the SP on our stv 2 handers.

It would be the same if they decided to give Divine Storm the same buff.

Sure, but we’re not middle of the pack lol. We’re bottom three dps and the two dps specs below us both have other dps specs that are in the top three dps. Ret has nothing.

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Im a paladin and Im fine with middle of the pack.

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Figured since it did holy damage it can then technically be resisted as its spell damage? Or do we have to get super technical and look at its overarching type. Like Exo is a “spell”

Gotta get super technical. That’s why they were very clear to say Crusader Strike wasn’t going to be a spell after the change. It only does Holy Damage. It cannot be resisted.

Holy Protection Pots can nullify the damage, but it can’t resist.

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This is a huge cop out and an illogical argument altogether. Divine shield has a 5 minute cooldown, so does Blessing of Protection, not to mention Blessing of Protection ONLY prevents melee damage so any bleed/poison/spell damage is going to kill whoever we use it on. And Lay on Hands is a 1 HOUR cooldown, don’t act like its unfair when there are clearly things put in place to prevent them from being so. Besides all your arugment supports is PvP gameplay, you haven’t even mentioned PvE. Sounds to me like you got fought some paladins and lost cause they had their 1 hour cooldown up and you can’t stand the idea of ever losing in PvP.

You also fail to mention that without those CDs we are sitting ducks and get pounded on by any class with HoTs, DoTs, excessive burst, or any ability to kite. We can’t even cleanse until next phase whereas your class can dispel our blessings, slow us down, and pound on us from a distance. Not to mention shamans have higher raid DPS in rankings IN BOTH Dps SPECS.

Sir I play I way of earth enhance. I watch paladins bubble and lay on hands , and then I still kill them for the third time while wielding 1600 AP. Your class is the least of my concerns in pvp. You are gutter trash. A class that brings your utility and blessings deserves to be middle of the pack. Ironically I also believe enhance also deserves to be middle of the pack. I believe melee hunter could have been untouched and ranged hunter buffed since they are pure dps classes that offer minimal to no group buffs (only true shot, if talented?, and ofc Kings[which shamans should have gotten IMO])

Shouldn’t the goal be to nudge all classes toward the middle of the pack? It sounds like you’re saying that you should be buffed because you’re currently middle of the pack, but that’s not how balance works. If you’re currently middle of the pack, then that’s already right where you should be.

All the more reason we need buffs then :thinking:

So any class that can give others buffs/revive/cleanse just automatically deserve to suck at DPS? This logic makes no sense.

Blizz themselves stated the goal was to bring everyone up to the same level, not indescriminately hand out nerfs. (which is exactly what they’ve been doing)

Also since I posted this the rankings have updated and Paladins are now ranking 3rd from the bottom. (Not middle of the pack) Ahead of two classes that have specs at the first and second place in rankings.

Not to mention the class YOU both play are near the top of the DPS rankings (3rd and 5th place respectively) if switched to “over a range of one day” which is more accurate to the changes recently made.

You could resist the damage through resistances… If there was such thing as holy resistance.

Spell misses are resists in classic, but they are different to partial and full resists from spell resistance.

Crusader strike is handled like a water elemental attack. Its still an attack, but does holy damage.

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