Will Blizzard start to fix retail due to the success of Classic?

I hope so.

I don’t hate BfA but I acknowledge things that could be improved. I don’t think Vanilla was bulletproof either. Hopefully the success of Classic will be the wakeup call that the devs need to enact some changes. There is a happy medium between the two, I think.

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Then you could keep using your existing 120. Or you can boost. Releveling is optional; people who don’t like it can skip it, but people who like it should get good leveling content - which based on queues means Classic style, not Retail style.

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Something we should all consider is that they might start re-releasing old games en masse instead of fixing current games, though.

Classic style leveling is terrible.

I already hate leveling new character as is, and the idea you’d have to go through -that- slog? for days or weeks? No, that’s just gross. And one of your solutions it to buy a boost? Really? People already cry enough about the boosts existing to begin with, and you want leveling to be made into a terrible experience, and justify it by saying “You can always buy a boost” that’s like EA levels of insanity.

Also, really? your basing this off queue times?

You realize Classic has queue’s because it’s the “new” thing right? The queue’s have already significantly dropped off from what I’m told by friends who do play classic.

Retail leveling > Classic Leveling.

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This game went down hill fast after Panda. I enjoyed each expansion for what it was more or less (cata being less) from BC to Panda, but something really change starting in WoD and you couldnt pay me to play retail.

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The queues dropped off because they let more people onto each server.

I hate leveling characters in retail too; it seems so pointless. So I don’t: I boost them.

No way.

I leveled in BFA some and it is absolutely terrible. Not one iota of danger. You just run around spamming abilities mindlessly on mobs w/ 0 chance to die.

And its not a BoA thing. I did it with 0 BoAs. The scaling is horrible.

Retail is only better for leveling if you do not like playing the game below endgame and just want to get there asap.

And if thats the case, why not just boost?


This still doesn’t change the fact vanilla leveling was hot garbage.

1-60 was bad, 1-120+ is going to be nightmarishly awful.

I mean bfa didn’t have these kind of numbers when it released. And there’s been a strong following for classic for years. I think it’s fair to ask this question now


And yet, most people seem to be choosing Vanilla leveling over BFA end game.

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Or… maybe they are playing classic, wait for it, because it’s new? And they’ve already leveled in BFA?

Shocking realization I know.


People keep saying this, but it wasn’t my experience. Did tons of main tanking as arms. Did plenty of raiding as weird mage specs, and healing with druid specs that didn’t have tree form. The truth is that social aspects > game mechanics to a large extent. As long as your raid isn’t wiping, and you are holding your own weight performance wise, nobody gives a crap what your spec is.

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Nobody is being forced to choose Classic leveling over BFA end game. People can stick with BFA end game if they want. They just don’t seem to be doing that. Seems to me that’s a serious indictment of the whole Retail design.

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But if bfa is all about the end game, why are people not still choosing bfa over classic. It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming out. They’d rather sit in queue for classic than play bfa right now lol


Alot of people are sticking to BFA, there are plenty of people that know what classic wow is, and won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole?

No one’s forcing them, but people are probably caught up on BFA by now, and Classic is brand new, of course people, whom are intrested, are going to be trying that out?

It’s been less than a week.

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To be fair, you had to compress 60 levels in one game at the time, so the leveling curve being what it was is no surprise. Expansions also just don’t have as many zones to work through as Vanilla did.

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Because it’s new, for one again, -it’s been less than a week-

And two, people are choosing to stay in BFA over Classic. I don’t see how you guys seem to think no one’s playing BFA right now.

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But according to many it’s not new because “it’s a 15 year old game, it’s already all been figured out”. Which is true, and its “new”, but then why do so many people still suffer sitting 7 hour queues to get a chance to play for a couple hours?

Because some people want to see if their nostalgia is correct or not? And they’ve probably already gotten their activities don in BFA< or don’t play BFA.

Your not making the amazing point you seem to think you are.

it is a 15 year old game, it’s old, dead content I wouldn’t play again, but some people are nostalgia ridden, some people weren’t around at the time and are curious, some people simply are playing because their friends are trying it out, ect.

Again, it’s literally been less than a week, and people are trying to draw conclusions already, the hype campaign for like half a year is also probably factoring in here.

Some people prefer Classic, some prefer Retail. Both have flaws, one just came out (again), one has been here for more than a decade. I am glad people are enjoying Classic, but only when 3-4 months has passed (or 6 months for some) will we know how “well” it did. Not even a week out and some are declaring it a success already, which I find a to be silly.