Will Blizzard Hotifx Terocones and/or Mana Thistle?

Last year, given the scarcity of Black Lotus spawns, Blizzard put in a hotfix:

What was noted was that “…population and social factors have led to Black Lotus being much more scarce than it was in original WoW.”

I’m bringing this up her because Terocones and Mana Thistle are becoming incredibly difficult to farm on a consistent basis. Terocones are actually rare because of the way they spawn around Terokkar Forest. I should mention that, yes, sometimes you can also find them in Shadowmoon Valley.

In reality the “forest” area of Terokkar is actually quite small in comparison to how much space Auchindoun takes up. Because of this, Terocones have a very limited space to spawn and so makes them far more “rare” to find.

In addition, Mana Thistle is even more limited to the point that I predict future phases will see seeing scores of players riding flying mounts over Barrier Hills, Socrethar’s Seat, Skettis, Twilight Ridge, and Netherwing Ledge.

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The mining nodes are pretty well gone too. So far 58-60 in hellfire I saw 3 fel iron; I can only imagine what the higher nodes look like.

You can’t feed 100 people with the same number of pizzas that you used to feed 10.


Ironically, Khorium isn’t as sparse as it might seem. Part of this is due dungeon exploits where you can just reset dungeons a few times until you hit the lottery.

You can’t do the same with Mana Thistle, unfortunately.

Adamantite and Fel Iron nodes, however, seem to be far more in demand. My guess is because they can be prospected whereas Khorium cannot.

Yeah, nodes being in dungeons helps. I was just using that as another point of data to support open world rates not being set for the servers increased population limits.

I’d honestly hate to be an alchemist right now.

My bags are stocked with every herb right now except Terocones and Mana Thistle. All because I found plenty of everything while questing except for Terokkar Forest. That’s solely because of how sparse the spawn locations are.

I can’t imagine what end-game farming is going to look like a few months from now…

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Adamantite and Fel Iron also needed in much more massive amounts than Khorium.

Want to burn every recipe requiring multiple Hardened Adamantite…

What nonsense.
Lotus was changed because it was on a huge spawn timer, spawning in zones much larger and much further apart, on top of literal teleport hackers and bots ghost camping them.
I haven’t had a problem finding either resources. I’ve had enough ‘please change the game for my convenience’ BS for one week.


I’ve had experience farming both on my Druid. I think it’s rare but not unreasonably so; At least not yet. Thistles are about twelve and a half gold on Arugal, the third most populous server according to Ironforge.pro. You need three for a flask. I’d kill to have Black Lotus cost between 35 and 40 gold during Classic. A handful of TBC dailies to buy a flask is a pretty reasonable consumable cost to me. However, the protection potions will be more relevant in later raid tiers and more people are getting to endgame, so uhh watch this space I guess.

If it becomes prohibitively expensive to raiding as an activity, then I absolutely support a change.

Khorium also has a limited amount of recipes that use alot of it till SWP.

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Don’t forget to make friends with proper spec alchemists. It doesn’t seem panic period yet but prices will continue to rise I’m sure with influx of cash from dailies.

I’m a miner, and I gound that many zones are heavily farmed most of the time. I’ve never logged on and found less than 20’ish people in any zone (hours span 4am to 1am in ny server.) I know there are ither miners as we fly similar routes. It’s safe to say there are plenty of herbers out there, too.

i find the problem the bots, i play on a medium pop realm and the same 4 players are in terokar 24/7 farming, you can tell they just transfer off the realm with the crap because they visit shattrah every few hours to send out the items… nothing ever on the AH.

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Bots are the problem not spawn rates

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Lotus worked as intended with authentic populations - not so much with up to 5X the players. THAT’S why it was adjusted.

You can hover above the barrier hills anytime day or night and see people camping mana thistle. The same for skettis and the other rare spawn points. Resources need to be adjusted to account for Blizzard increasing server pops.

Or Blizzard could open up other servers and force OG pops - doesn’t matter to me either way.

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I have seen a couple of times as I approach a node, someone is already mining it then they appear to phase out like they are layering.

This happens 95% of the time I see a tcone node.

Really depends on the server. I would agree in general that terocone is more rare and obviously mana thistle, but I also don’t hunt for terocone much because I don’t really need it (so yay me I guess). I can find mana thistle periodically if I want to, but I’m definitely hoarding it for now. No flasks will be used on faceroll P1 content because I know it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

I can’t imagine playing on some of these mega servers though.

Barrier hills is literally right on top of Shatt. It’s the most convenient place to check for mana thistle if you’re bored in the city so I’ve never gotten any from there either and regardless of what they do to spawn timers that place is going to be watched over like a hawk. I really wouldn’t bother with that place at all.

Really? I mean it’s a little slow but you just have to know where to look, mostly on the outskirts, where quest objectives are, etc etc. I can usually do 1 lap on this guy and get 5-6 nodes. takes about 10minutes or so. I don’t have flying either. Fel Iron is quite abundant in the sense that it’s literally everywhere, not like other ores where you’ll only find it in caves or competing with other types of ore.

That’s what I mean. We’re just a month into the expansion at this point and I’m predicting things will start ramping up in the coming months, just like what happened in WoW Classic.

Well, you just gotta think of how many people rolled Hunters. There’s going to be a lot of demand when people start doing 25-mans and whatnot. Flask of Relentless Assault uses 7 Terocones each.

Yeah, if people were smart they’d hoard their big consumables for P2 content because P1 just doesn’t justify it, but I’m sure plenty of people will be chugging them for parses or faster clears.

I’m going to burn my adept’s/shadow power elixirs for all of P1. Anything easy to farm/craft I’ll go through, but flasks or destruction potions? No thanks.

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