Will arena points wasted if honor capped at 75k when season 4 ends?

@Kaivax Thanks to the wpvp daily, many players are honor capped at 75k now. When season 4 ends and arena points will be converted to honor points, what will happen to the excess honor points? It would be great if there will be a solution to avoid waste of the arena points or excess honor points, like a short period time between 10pm Aug 29th to maintenance starts Aug 30th for gear to be sold for arena points with discount? or we will have a temporary honor cap raise? Thank you!


I would also like to know the answer to this question!

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I have it.

No! We’re not getting any compensation. You think they care at all about this issue?

I didn’t get any compensation for the week I was forced to leave the server.

They just don’t care and if they are paying attention, they’re too indifferent to care to do anything about it.

Consider your arena points wasted for now.

P.S. Quick warning, if they do miraculously decide to actually do anything about it, it will be at the very last minute after you already spent your arena points ahead of time.

So, either way…


Imagine, communicating info regarding obvious questions to something coming in just a couple of weeks.

You’ll just have to wait in the deafening radio silence with the rest of us, or risk your excess points just in case.


Probably not, Blizzard doesn’t care about you or any of us because they know we are going to play the game regardless of what happens. Sad truth.

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The payback will come if they don’t do legacy Lich King and try to force us off at the end of the cycle.

If Lich King wasn’t Lich King, I would have bowed out by now.

Just buy something with points now so they aren’t wasted. Use it or lose it.

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Buy your items now.

Another question related is what will happen with the arena points gained in the last week before prepatch, if we are honor capped (75k). I think much more players will need to deal with this.

It’s obvious.

The season ends on the 29th and wotlk prepatch starts on the 30th. Arena points convert to honor. If you are honor capped the extra will be lost.

I suggest you buy offspec gear, or buy 50k worth of honor gear on the 29th, don’t equip it and resell it to vendor. Worst case you can’t resell it and you would have been out of the honor anyway.

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Your suggestion could be a good solution, thank you! Many pvpers saved arena points referring to the plans of previous seasons, and we have honor capped or even have honor capped in multiple characters to be prepared for Wrath classic. We hope there will be a solution from Blizzard to deal with this excessive honor or arena points issue. One solution would be the season 4 gear sold for honor from 10pm PDT Aug 29th (the time S4 ends).

Another solution could be to let the arena points convert to honor and allow us to go over the 75k cap for this occasion. This would mean we wouldn’t be able to get any more honor points until it was spent and we went under cap again, but we would have 125k honor to spend when prepatch goes live.


I didnt think arena points converted so I went ahead and bought several pieces of brut gear

but id rather have an extra 50k honor for wotlk gear

Yes, this happened in some patches of retail, you will have more than 75k honor after the new patch release, but you need to spend it and make it less than 75k to continue to receive honor points.


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