Will archaeology get an update in The War Within?

Since we’re going into the planet, doesn’t it make sense we’d get new projects?

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No sadly not. Note that we are back on Azeroth even in the Dragon Isles and still no archeologicaly. It’s been replaced by the stuff like ‘the Big Dig’ and treasure hunting.

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It was stated in one of the interviews for TWW that the old Archaeology process will not be making a comeback. I agree it needed to go, but the current replacement of the ‘dig’ is not what I had hoped it would be. Very lack luster.

Is that this “technocraft” or whatever it’s called? The thing where you have to balance the elements? Not gonna lie, I only just did the tutorial for that last night and I can already tell I’m going to hate it.

Honestly the only new mechanic I like in DF is dragonriding. Zaralek digs? Not a fan. Hourly events? Not a fan. Knowledge points? Not a fan. As a completionist, Shadowlands and DF have just been one-two punches that have almost burned me out.

I’m curious about what is motivating all of these timed events that are essentially little fetch quests with RNG loot. It’s pretty frustrating how often I get a purple tome as my next reward at the Big Dig with 60 seconds left on the clock. And the racing back and forth doing little tasks got old after the second dig. And the same goes for Time Rifts and Superblooms and Dreamsurges and nearly anything involving rare spawns, like the Forbidden Reach.

They all have uncompromising timing.
The Big Dig, Time Rifts, and Superblooms give you tasks to rush through.
Dreamsurges and Forbidden Reach are races against other players.

I’ve noticed that I spend way more time traveling now than I ever did in previous expansions because there’s always something with better drops, or rare drops, or something else I want popping up while I’m in the middle of doing anything else, pulling me away. Sometimes I don’t even get any rewards. Sometimes the drops and progress bar payouts are trivial, or the rare you were racing to dies before you tag it. Either way, it’s usually a long flight back to whatever I was doing before.

And I don’t feel like I can just choose not do those things. Because if I ever want any of those rewards in the future, I’m going to have future content pulling me away and I’m not going to want to sit in old Dragonflight zones waiting for things to pop up

I think this is why people call FOMO stuff a “Dark Design” pattern. It feels manipulative to me.