Will a Blizz Employee please explain something

It doesn’t matter that it was named after a drink, not not the body part.

Blizzard cares about how the name can/is commonly taken.

Just the other day I read a post where a guy had to change his character name even though it was his actual name as well. Didn’t matter, it’s also the name of a religious figure so out it goes.

Your intent behind the name does not matter, at all. How others take it is what matters.

Unfortunately, despite what it actually means, that name could also be taken as referring to a body part, so out it goes.


Ok, I bit. I got nothing back when searching for “Butterynip.” All that came back was “Butttery nipple.” I’m siding with Blizzard on this one…


i was in a training squadron. nothing to do but drink… and i was in SD. nothing but opportunity.

Won’t matter. Anybody can see it can be taken multiple different ways, one of which is against their rules, and the actual name is two separate words one of which is a body part.

Choose a different name.



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There are many drink names that you would never be permitted to use as the name of your toon.


I’m an Albertan we have the lowest drinking age (18) in North America and grew up in a small town where drinking was the only thing done.


Individuals don’t get to decide the context in which their joke / idea / phrasing is received. Right up there with “What I said wasn’t offensive!”

You may have been naming after the shot, but the shot is clearly named after a body part. A body part with a strong representation in…fun activities and videos that get trees planted on Earth Day.

If you had picked Butterychin as a name, I doubt anybody would think twice. You’re either trolling or playing dumb, both bad.


I think any name should be allowed if ur old enough to be playing u shouldnt be offended by names. If u are get off the game


Dude…just stop. You’re making an a** of yourself.


What are you? 12? Seriously if you can’t take a name like that grow up

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v. nipped , nip·ping , nips

v. tr.

1. To seize and pinch or bite: The fish nipped the wader’s toe.

2. To remove or sever by pinching or snipping: nipped off the plant leaf.

3. To bite or sting with the cold; chill.

4. To check or cut off the growth or development of: a conspiracy that was nipped in the bud by the police.

5. Slang

a. To snatch up hastily.

b. To take (the property of another) unlawfully; steal.

v. intr. Chiefly British

To move quickly; dart.


1. The act or an instance of seizing or pinching.


a. A pinch or snip that cuts off or removes a small part: He gave a small nip to each corner of the cloth.

b. The small bit or portion so removed: There were nips of construction paper all over the child’s table.


a. A sharp, stinging quality, as of frosty air.

b. Severely sharp cold or frost.

4. A cutting remark.

5. A sharp, biting flavor; a tang: the nip of Mexican salsa.

[Middle English nippen, perhaps from Middle Dutch nipen.]

nip 2

(nĭp) Informal


A small amount of liquor.

v. nipped , nip·ping , nips

v. tr.

To sip (alcoholic liquor) in small amounts: had been nipping brandy.

v. intr.

To take a sip or sips of alcoholic liquor: nips all day long.


People cry about everything. My character lonelyturd got so many compliments and everyone loved it. Sadly the RCR abusers that report everything they see ruin the game. The amount of false reporting that wouldn’t exist without RCR would be great. So many on these forums already claimed they wouldn’t report people if they have to fill out a ticket


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Lol unless you’ve been a complete wreck of an alcoholic since you were like 12 I probably wouldn’t go around claiming things like this.

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What a bad drink to name your main from. I could see why they didnt allow it.

The very first day on my server there was a guild called TokyoWhaleSex … they were obnoxious in chat and continuously “signed” every thing they said with the guild name to “advertise” but I knew right away it wouldn’t last. :joy:

Don’t hate on me for loving Kahlua and Baileys

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It is slang for nipple and listed in the onlineslangdictionary. And yes slang is part of a language. And if you want to get really technical, and seeing as you’re listing dictionary definitions I assume you want to get technical, it is also used as an ethnic slur.


This character name is far less offensive than the stuff that the deranged deviants in General Chat in-game post at any time of the day or night and never seem to be banned for.

Incorrect. Context matters. And in the case of the drink, its not referring to anatomy.

By your logic any word that someone finds offensive should be banned, well hate to tell it to you sweet heart, but I find your name grossly offensive. It sounds like “Nymph In ya”.

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