Will a Blizz Employee please explain something

You are wrong here. Context is impossible to grab when used in a name and none is provided. So at this point context does not matter


Lol clueless!

so it wouldn’t of occurred to someone to ask me? sounds like a witch hunt.

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The name is not Butterynip, the name of the drink is Buttery Nipple


Incorrect again.

The context of the name is in the name of the drink, which was not named after anatomy.

The issue is not the name, its people like you who get offended by ridiculous things.

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Incorrect on two counts. The name of the drink, once again, is Buttery Nipple, not ButterNip. And anybody who doesn’t use ButterNip as a short form of the drink, of which there are plenty, would not grasp the context.

Context matters when it’s provided. None is provided here so it does not matter


yes, yes you are.

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t name my character Eggplant… which is how I discovered it was a slur. But not “eggplant”, no the slur is the word eggplant in Italian.

Which funny enough, wasn’t banned.

Good idea… next time this happens im gonna go international. See if it has another name in another language.

The shot is named after anatomy…

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To take this a different direction, some of the names on Kirtonos I spotted on thursday were funny. But one was very very out of line and I’m not sure how blizzard allowed it.

Perfect example of an sjw doing sjw things.

Weird flex, but okay. I’m 49 and retired Army. Not only will I drink you under the table, but I guarantee I’m a better speller.

Oh, and you’re not nearly as clever as you think you are.


Get mad. lol.

leave it to a army vet to try to make the conversation about them.

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I thought you said you were a Marine?


I am a Marine. No such thing as was a Marine.

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Context does not matter to Blizzard. How it can be interpreted by others is what matters.

It can be taken as a reference to anatomy, which given the full drink name “Butterynipple,” it is.

It’s also an ethnic slur against the Japanese.

Either of which is a reason to Blizzard to change it. OPs intent behind the name means zilch.


If you were to think it through, Bijan, hopefully you’d understand that many of the various mixed drinks that are popular in various clubs did not originate the names they were given but were provided the name in reference to other things.

Remember, this game is rated T for Teen and as such has certain subjects that are not appropriate when used as topics of discussion or character names, etc… Thank you for understanding.