Will 9.1.5 launch the same time as Endwalker’s release?

That would be stupid and self destructive that I cannot fathom why they would think it’s a good idea.

Insert Kylo ren moar gif

As there is no real “content” in “.5”, I hope they don’t stall it to try and compete with an entirely new expansion in FFXIV.

Few reasons why 9.1.5 will release the same week as Endwalker:

-Timewalking Mage Tower hasn’t even been released on the PTR for testing yet. That’s definitely going to take at least 2 or 3 weeks to report all the bugs and give enough feedback to get it scaled properly.

-Draenor Timewalking is Nov. 9th-16th. Legion Timewalking will be Dec. 7th-14th.

-Endwalker early access is Nov. 19th, full release Nov. 23rd.

-WoW has always deliberately timed their content releases to compete with FFXIV’s content releases. This is not going to be an exception.

So basically it’s a guarantee that 9.1.5 will release on either Tuesday Nov. 16th or Nov. 23rd. Depends on whether they want it o compete with the early access date or the full release date.

If you want to play Endwalker on day 1, you will not be missing anything in WoW. All the new content in 9.1.5 is starting on December 7th. That means you will have either 2 or 3 weeks from release date until Legion Timewalking starts.

Probably waiting till next week when we all ding 80 renown… otherwise the covenant reworks for players at 80 renown wouldn’t be very useful…

9.1.5 will drop either a week or 2 weeks after renown 80 cap.

The mage tower portion with Legion timewalking however wont occur till two weeks after 9.1.5 drops.

Thats my guess.

Even if 9.1.5 gave everyone mythic quality gear sitting in their mail boxes day 1 of it’s launch day people would still bash WoW and claim 9.1.5 is terrible

Let them launch it whatever day they wish

IMO anyone wanting blizzard to rush patches are the same people who would be ready to grab pitchforks over unnecessary reasons

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then 9.2 in oct 2022 and 9.2.5 march 2023 9.3 dec 2023 10.0 prepatch 9.3.5 in sept 2024 and 10.0 launch in may 2025
towliee the streamer who was an ex wow team 2 dev with his friends still being on team 2 leaked that 10.0 will be revealed in 1-2 years and considering this year is over means 2023-2024 for the 10.0 reveal

yeah I don’t believe this lol

don’t believe this either.

9.2 will def not be in oct lol


Like in most abusive relationships, we will come back like idiots.

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9.1.5 won’t drop until they’ve made the game 100% PC.

I say remove the level renown 80 cap to switch covenants freely. That’s just another unnecessary gate. They should just let people do it right out the gate whether they’re new players or veterans.

I may, for like a day or two for the legion timewalking, but other than that there isn’t any point to return until 9.2 or beyond. I’m at a wait and see approach of whether they are going with the same terrible design philosophy under Ion, or whether they actually have changed. And that requires me to wait until future patches.


Why do people act like you only have to play one MMO? You can play New World or FF14 inbetween raid logging on WoW. You only need to do 1-4 M+ dungeons a week to keep up with everyone else.

9.1.5 doesn’t add any new content other than covenant swapping and Legion M+.

So you’ll spend your 1-2 weeks grinding up your 2nd-3rd-w/e covenants to 80 and pretty much be at where you are now.

9.2 is when there’s more meat on the bones and we won’t see that until next year.

There is basically nothing in .5 so go play FF until 9.2.

Even YoshiP mentioned he doesn’t think it’s natural for people to have this weird tribalism of being tied down to one game. I’m not a fan of tribalism in anything either. It’s weird as hell. I do understand though why many people only play 1 mmo at a time. A MMORPG is a huge time commitment and they probably don’t want to have to invest in al of that.

9.1.5 is just a maintenance patch to fix 9.0 and 9.1 issues.

9.2 would be the direct competition, but we aren’t seeing that until 2022.

9.2 is going to need to impress and the alpha and Beta for 10.0 will need to have tons of listening.

With how bfa and SL betas went I think many won’t care since they will ignore almost everything

There are gamers and then there are Warcrafters usually.
WoW has a way of sucking up all your game time.

It gets worse when you reread those dates and realize they’re actually saying the gap between 9.1.5 and 9.2 will be a full year.

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