Why you making wotlk so unfriendly to alts

So you buy a 70 boost.


I love how Blizzard said maintaining community is their priority and everything they do is to foster community and then they blatantly ruin and take out an aspect of the community.


I already pay my sub. I refuse to pay for micro transactions on top of that and it’s completely a betrayal of the spirit of wotlk to do it.


Yes it is. Now buy a boost.


you buy one

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50% bonus XP AND you get the 30% XP required nerf during pre-patch and you are saying they are making it “alt unfriendly”

I’m sorry, what upside-down world are we living in? Level your alt during the boost period. Level your DK during pre-patch. I am astonished at how people can say this is “alt-unfriendly”
You have enough time to get all of your characters to max level before wrath comes out even without the boost and xp reductions.


So basically.
Level every toon you want during the summer period real life be damned?
I dunno about you but most people actually do something during summer.
And 30% xp nerf big whoop.
Leveling is still an arduous grind without the RDF.
And what of class quests huh?
Still wanna spend 4 hours trying to get a group for Scarlet Monastery?


I was gonna say you have to get it on a good night. Its can be jumping on 2 servers I am on sometimes.

then I saw your server. Yeah…I rerolled my horde off that one. I know how slow horde remulos can get. I didn’t start a reroll for be hunter for enjoyment. there wasn’t enough on her to warrant a transfer cost lol.

If the pve to pvp is legit in game now…I see many on your server going to the pvp ones the next few weeks. those are jumping iirc.

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Let’s not forget that from the sounds of it that they’re still keeping in Heirlooms.


I am astounded how people can complain about leveling 3-4 times faster and it being a bad thing because you cant slowly level with RDF.
If they added RDF and didnt have the 50% bonus XP, you would level slower.


But why would you want to go to a pvp realm?
If you wanted to be on a pvp realm you would have started there.
Oceania only has one pve realm and it’s primarily alliance.
If it’s be on a dead server or get ganked every time I wander into Winterspring/Stranglethorn so on so forth I’d take leveling at a snails pace.

Dungeon quests and mobs give more xp/gold/better loot than outside mobs.
And with RDF we could still do questing on the side and just wait patiently until we get a dungeon.
Chances of getting a dungeon run with RDF as opposed to without are significantly larger.
I’m not saying “Level only through dungeons” I just want the opportunity to be able to do so while leveling instead of being forced to solo them later for loot I don’t need anymore.

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you are getting a 50% bonus to all XP gains. You will be able to skip entire quest hubs and zones because of that. It will reduce the amount of running around you will have to do.
You also have the new looking for dungeon tool, all you have to do is sign up for the dungeon you want if you really want to dungeon grind, then form a group using the tool, while you quest. Then you go to the dungeon, and you have a 50% XP boost to every single mob you kill.

Like I said you will level far faster with the 50% bonus than you think you will. I said the 30% XP required nerf also, because when the pre-patch drops, you will need 30% less XP to level up. So, during the whole month+ of pre-patch you have 50% bonus XP from all sources along with needing 30% less XP per level to level up. And if I recall correctly, they also boost the quest XP even more at that point.

But clearly that is not enough for you.


I believe the large majority of the people against LFD were the ones who either bought boosts, or carried people with boosting. LFD would have directly hurt the boosting market. So they screamed to remove LFD. Now that they can’t Boost or be boosted, how much yeh wanna bet those guys are gonna realize that questing through the game for the 300th time is boring, and will want to be able to pop into dungeon queues to speed that process along, and enjoy fun content, but now they can’t.

Personally, I have hated the whole boosting scene since it started in classic, and I am happy as a clam to see it gone. Just wish they didn’t have to take down LFD with it.


But why would you want to skip entire quest hubs and zones?
Feeling the need to rush to max level and skip content is the bane of MMORPGs.

And that new dungeon tool isn’t new at all,it’s a reskinned version of the LFG tool on retail.
It’s just as anti social as the current one but we have slightly more options when seeking content.
But in no way will it make finding that content any faster/easier.

And I’m thinking long term.
Basically up until we get Cata Classic.
Not just the first month or two after WOTLK Classic launches.

But yes,it clearly isn’t enough for me.
It’s not enough for a lot of people.
It’s just that those people have already given up on voicing their opinion.
Whether that is a smart decision or not is subjective.


Double think much? The only thing I can think of to square this circle is, you want RDF to skip the questing content, but you also want to do all the quests once you out level it and gain no experience. But you also do not want to waste time leveling because you have a lot of stuff to do IRL.

I am going to assume you are a troll at this point because you are not worth talking to anymore.


Your 5 alts is not the community


Yes I know it looks weird and like I’m contradicting myself but I enjoy leveling.
Yes I did say it was arduous but that’s purely because I can’t do all the things I would like to do like running the dungeons in the zone I’m currently leveling in.
Having better gear makes some content a little easier like those group quests along the way.
And some quest chains in some zones lead to dungeon quests like the Barrens and Ashenvale quest chains leading to Wailing Caverns and Blackfathom Depths.

And no I’m meaning other people have real life stuff to do and might not be able to make full use of the bonus 50% xp.

It’s ultimately about having to skip content because no one wants to do it.

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did I say it was?

Oh your that guy…play your scemantics bruh


We all agree with ya… But dont be mad at Zaalg for pointing out what Blizz seems to want to force people to do. Its sad but true.