Why we wont see a TBC ERA server

Remember that player number chart we all saw recently that shows that huge dip for TBC?

The reason for that dip was 2 things.

  1. Bad servers
  2. Character boosts

They gave out instant TBC access for money in hopes of more players playing the expansion. Well they got that but short term. They left after a few weeks.

So now at these board meetings where they look over our asks and wants, they see we want TBC ERA. They refer to the player numbers during the re release and flat out say no because there was no profit or “interest”.

They see the begging and all our “interest” now but they have the data already. They wont do it, plain and simple.

Wrath may get it’s shot though due to that same data. We’ll have to see.

If i had 1mil USD i would donate to blizz employees just to have a tbc server. Heh. And another 1mil for a wrath server. (Sorry for being poor) :frowning:

Its that important to me because the classes are more vibrant and different from each other, its a lot more flavorful game play compared to Classic Vanilla where you just beat up a mob with auto attack white damage. None of this retail crap where everyone has a stun, slow, DMG burst and a pocket heal.

Everybody already mentioned the nostalgic vibes, being the reason for having a strong urge to play it. For me the sick armour sets of tbc and wrath as a big factor of why i want to collect gear. To complete a piece on a character feels an achievement.

Even if they (shareholders) say no, the numbers dont add up to potential profit … its still good service to the older player base, as they did with the Diablo 1 (To my surprise as well) and Diablo 2 re-releases as well as the full games of Warcraft Orcs & Humans, Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness + Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion.