Why was OB not included in the free transfers?

We have the 2nd lowest PVE realm population, server population is padded with Indonesian gold farmers/bots/alts and theirs not even any free transfers TO Old Blanchy to help increase population. A bunch of people are considering just quitting rather then paying $100s to transfer over all of their characters. Seems like a bad business plan and short sighted as hell.


Please throw us a bone for crying out loud. Its bad enough I had to watch my guild slowly dwindle due to the pop drop when TBC released, now its just depressing.


Im not sure why Im bothering but I figure I need to try. I have played WOW since it first came out and for the most part been happy till now. I find myself trapped on a dying realm and no one at WOW seems to care. I managed to get attuned to all raids only because you dropped the heroics requirement. I am ready for Hyjal/ BT and have NEVER NEVER gotten to run a single heroic!!! I just cannot find a group, Ive tried for months!!! All the while I continue to see more and more people and guilds leave on their own dime. I have paid you enough over the years, you own players like me. Open up free transfers off OLD Blanchy before all bastard stepchildren quit your game!!! SAVE US FROM DROWNING!!!