Why was AV 1.12 not used for the 15th anniversary version?

From what I understand by the time they got to 1.12 they had removed a lot of the side stuff, NPCs and whatnot. I didn’t play Vanilla so I’m kind of just going off what I’ve heard.

The reason for a bit of the agitation in here (myself included), is because it is a tired topic. Well over a year’s worth of complaints, with straggling topics created on a cyclical basis. Korrak’s revenge is getting removed in less than a month, so by the time any possible real dev time could be put on it to cater to complaints it will have ended. It just is what it is. If you at all care for anything in retail, just use the event to powerlevel characters to cap.

So you think there was other reasoning then? What could it have been?

Well this is the answer you want to hear from everyone, so sure, it was a snub. And if I were a dev, you’d get snubbed every day in a million subtle ways :slight_smile:

No, I may have misspoke looking back at my posts. I do think they made “old AV” for the celebration into pre-1.12 because Classic people were clamoring for it. At least that’s my best guess.

Another reason it would have been better to simply use 1.12 AV, as the data existed already, and the anniversary was to be a limited time event. Why put all of that effort into a version that they thought was lesser, by their own words?

Why put that developer time into it at all, if 1.12 was the better vanilla version?

By the by, if you do not want to partake in the discussion because you do not like the subject matter, nobody is forcing you to read it.

No one’s forcing you to make this thread but for some reason you really think you’re being clever about it instead of just screeching with everyone else on the Classic forums.


Right, but what is the reasoning to use it in the game that was NOT asking for it?

Your discussion is on the wrong forum. We don’t care what AV is in Classic, nor do any of us really want to talk about it. You deserve to be trolled for bringing this here.

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Apologies if it is too “clever” for you. I pay the same for the game as you do, have access to both games, and this subject is about the modern version of WoW, and so is being asked in the general discussion.

The discussion is about the retail 15th anniversary event. Not classic.

Why bother? You already want to be told that it’s because you’re getting snubbed. I told you. It’s a snub.

Congrats, you are a winnar!


No, the discussion is “why did retail get what we consider the superior version of the match and why don’t they suffer with the crappy version that we got and hate!”


It’s obviously not, though.

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Because blues actually read this section of the forums, and because it is a question about this version of the game.

Oh, honey…



No, Blues announce things here. They don’t READ here. You need to go ask on Reddit if you want an actual response.

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I cited a direct quote to why blizzard thought 1.12 AV was a better version of AV. My question is if they believe it is the better version, why it wasn’t used for the 15th anniversary event.

A blue is welcome to come in and amend the cited post they made if they like.

Because they hate you and wish you weren’t here. Kind of like the majority of us.

That’s also why you have your own little corner of the forums where you can be ignored.

Coming to GD and thinking any blue is going to give you a direct answer as to why the developers made a certain choice is just asking to get trolled. Blues have ZERO to do with the developers, by the way, so ask all the questions you want…chances are very high you will not find what you seek here.

I like your top topic btw. Can we restrict Classic Characters to the Classic forum?