Why was AV 1.12 not used for the 15th anniversary version?

Is 1.12 AV not the version of Alterac Valley that best represents vanilla WoW?
Is 1.12 AV not the version that is not the pinacle of the improvements made throughout vanilla?
Is 1.12 AV not the verson that gives the most “clarity” for the developers?
Wouldn’t using 1.12 AV have saved a lot of resources and development time?

Why was AV 1.12 not used for the 15th anniversary version?

The reasons why 1.12 should have been used for the anniversary event:

Sounds like they chose to use the inferior version for the 15th anniversary. Why is that?


Because it favors alliance?

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What does classic have to do with the WoW 15th anniversary event? You guys aren’t celebrating…


According to WoW Classic, this is incorrect.


Why wasn’t 1.12 AV used?

I know what you are going at. Complaining why 1.5 AV wasn’t put into Classic, and why resources were used to recreate it for the most part as an anniversary event.


They’re pissed because they got 1.12 and we got 1.5.


I know this is going to sound crazy, but they’re different games.

It’s not a difficult question to answer. Or SHOULD not be difficult to answer. Why, if 1.12 best represents vanilla, was it not the version used for the anniversary event?

Can you answer why that was how things were done?

We are all paying $15 a month to have access to these games. We are all “retailers”. So please answer the question. Why was 1.12 AV not used for the anniversary event?

Who says that it best represents vanilla. If you are referring to Classic which is based on 1.12, that is because the developers could not invest enough effort to recreate 1.1 progression, along with recreating bugs (and said fixes). If you have a problem for that maybe you should have been passionate and skilled enough to get a job at Blizzard to see your dream a reality.

Classic is billed as a reverse bulkhead/floodgate version of patch 1.12 content. All the content and tuning exists at launch, and the barriers (phases) get lifted as time moves on.

And the reason why 1.12 was not chosen is because 1.12 av is not that much different from 2.3+ AV (what we have now). To put 1.12, would not have people drawn to the event.


Why did we fix bugs from Vanilla, Wrath, BC, Cata, MoP, WoD, Legion, BFA. I mean, those were “the way it was”.

Clearly because retail is still the moneymaker considering they will be selling expansions and the majority is still there despite what Classic wants to think.

And you guys also happen to be around. You’re the Alliance to the Horde in BfA’s story.

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And yet:

Blizzard clearly thought 1.12 AV was the best vanilla version. Did I mis-quote that blue post?

Well then clearly you got 1.12 because they love you more! Yay! :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing the salt mines to me, though, this is great!


No disrespect, but this is funny considering the classic forums were blowing up months ago with people who didn’t want 1.12 AV because it was “too watered down” and “not indicative of AV through most of the life of Vanilla.” I actually have a feeling they did what they did because of that criticism, oddly enough.

No disrespect taken. So you believe it was a snub?

Not at all, I just didn’t want to appear inflammatory. :slight_smile:

I honestly believe earlier versions of av were lost or corrupted. Even the classic event is only kinda like old av certain bits are off or missing.

From what I understand by the time they got to 1.12 they had removed a lot of the side stuff, NPCs and whatnot. I didn’t play Vanilla so I’m kind of just going off what I’ve heard.

The reason for a bit of the agitation in here (myself included), is because it is a tired topic. Well over a year’s worth of complaints, with straggling topics created on a cyclical basis. Korrak’s revenge is getting removed in less than a month, so by the time any possible real dev time could be put on it to cater to complaints it will have ended. It just is what it is. If you at all care for anything in retail, just use the event to powerlevel characters to cap.