Why the lack of Customization?


I do not agree with you. There are people who just want a small pointy eared option for humans as an option, but since humans are finished, that doesn’t seem likely.

I also, personally, do not understand why on earth they wouldn’t just unlock the 3 undead skins for DK for all the other races. That would allow me to make an undead orc warrior or a Leper gnome mage!

This is within the confines of an expansion directly dealing with the death theme.


Amazing, so glad the customization train hasn’t stopped yet, thanks Linxy!

:crossed_fingers: More HMT customization :crossed_fingers:


Great news! I like this one. I hope to see more customizations for other races.

Here is some more ideas:

  1. The broken horns for the Lightforged Draenei are great. Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Draenei too?
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Dark Iron Dwarfs? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new tattoos would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Mag’har Orcs? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new necklaces and blue eyes would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Zandalari Trolls? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new hair colors would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have asymmetric earrings for humans? I always wanted to have this custimization for them
  1. I’m also thinking about the corrupted red skin color, the corrupted orange skin color and the corrupted purple skin color for the regular Draenei. The green eyes color for the regular Draenei too. These colors are only availabled for npcs (Man’ari Eredar). Adding them could finally allow us to roleplay a Man’ari Eredar. Another good customization for the regular Draenei could be the purple color for theirs eyes so we could have some other colors (three) for the eyes and not only one. Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Draenei? That could be a great addition for them and for the world of warcraft roleplay community.
  1. But also the green skin for the regular Trolls (Darkspear tribe). This color is only availabled for npcs (Revantusk tribe, Witherbark tribe, Dazar’alor => Revantusk Speaker, etc). Adding it could finally allow us to roleplay a Forest Troll (as you do it for Sand Trolls/Farraki tribe and Dark Trolls). Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Trolls (Darkspear tribe)? That could be a great addition for them and for the regular Troll/Forest Troll fans.

Thanks for this nice addition for the Nightborne. I hope we could see some of suggestions I put here (mostly for the regular Draenei and the regular Trolls). I can’t wait to see the next ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s nice to see the players are getting what they want. But when are Void elves getting some new customization? Compared to what Nightborne, LFD and HMT are getting, Void elves are not getting much right now. All three will be ahead in customization compared to Void elves once 9.1.5 hits.


This animation is used by Venthyr now :smiley:

This is wonderful news! I’m so glad you guys are listening! I want it to be known that my sub would be on hiatus right now, but ever since you guys announced the return of customization (among other QoL features in 9.1.5), I have renewed my sub and plan to keep it active as positive reinforcement in support of your current efforts even though I am currently not playing much.

With that said, please please please look at these topics on Nightborne face issues and pass them along to the art team if possible! Nightborne face issues need addressing before 9.1.5 goes live!

It might also be nice if Nightborne could get some eye color options and skin tones in the brown range! Oh and if possible, could Nightborne and Lightforged get an option for their tattoos to be more… luminous, like some of the Demon Hunter tattoo colors are?


Can we get some NB eye colors too please?? I miss the purple eyes we had in legion.
Mana tinged hair, eye colors, and maybe some withered/angry faces for female nightborne?

This is amazing though, so excited to see mana hands finally!


Great news with these additions. Can we hope to see another pass at some of the core races in 9.2 that maybe we’re a little slighted in the first pass? Pandaren in particular got a meager amount of customizations. Some additional faces, separate hair color from fur color, ear and muzzle customization like Vulpera have, full Red Panda options for male Pandaren would be greatly appreciated.

Also would be great to hear some news regarding the missing Heritage armors.


Not bad. I think necklaces need to be made into actual gear models though. Same with rings.


Can the Highmountain Tauren get some more battle damage customization? I feel like living in the mountains and after all that big fel fire nonsense in Legion, a HT would be litered in scars or burns or what have you.

Like at least for their hands. Make their hands all covered in scars or look rougher because they’re busy working on the rugged wilderness all day. There should be a real roughneck look to them because even now, they’re still just kind of Tauren with Antlers. Give them that really rough and tumble ‘I live in a much rougher environment than the normal Tauren’ look.

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One idea I’ve had since MoP - Triangular (Red Panda) ear option for female Pandaren? Even if just restricted to the red and brown skins?

They already have the tails. It would look so cute :sob:

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I demand bamboo themed accessories. I know people don’t want more jewelry but damn it, I want cool bamboo stuff.


It’s refreshing to have open communication with the team and the customizations have been amazing all around, thank you!

Was also wondering if you’ve heard about the Worgen customization threads, the big talk is tails for worgen which would be amazing but I’m also curious about upright options for the Males and varying hairstyles and other scar/tattoo/jewelry/Night elf vines/leaves.

Personally I’d also be interested in more Pandaren customization, particularly a gut slider for males, to hopefully look more aesthetically pleasing in armor and to look more like Pandaren from the Burdens of Shao Hao comic.

If you’re mostly worried about ARs at the moment then the work on Void elves has been amazing but would also like to see some actual “new” additions to their options, like face tattoos and hairstyles and with being able to switch off tentacles, perhaps replacing them with more hair or braids so their absence isn’t so jarring to a lot of the hairstyles.

Thank you for all your amazing work and for being so open about it all!


Happy to hear this! My Nightborne will defintely appreciate this. I hope you guys have the chance to work on magic hair glows for nightborne and add some more hair colors as I mentioned in other threads! And maybe even some red/pink skin tones since the nightborne share night elf ancestry! Can’t wait to see the changes! Thank you for listening to some of the feedback!


Great, but can you answer the questions many have asked in this thread too?

Perhaps you want to rephrase your posting so they know which one is meant.

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Could we also get a more revealing version of the heritage armor for male nightborne as well? It’s ridiculous that we see in Suramar that typical clothing among them shows a lot of skin, and the female version of the heritage armor shows a lot of skin, but then the male version covers everything up. Including their awesome tattoos.


Recently updated my post above with some more of the common requets (that I think are within blizzards general scope) as well. Hoping to have my main thread updated finally in the next few days. (assuming I can find time to work on it. T_T)



Thanks for NB players, it’s really great for them. :clap: :partying_face:

I hope you will add the same effect to their hairstyles as well. :ok_hand:


:question:Have you planned to add to the void elves their new customizations :octopus:(hairstyles, beards, jewelry, tattoos …):question:

Can you please analyze this Void Elf thread, there are a lot of interesting ideas that could be added (Customizations and Lore). :pray: :purple_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: