Why the lack of Customization?

Just keep making your voice heard! Your requests are just as valid as any other and deserving of consideration! Not to mention I’d like them too >_>


“Why are you booing me?”.gif

It would be nice to actually have factions, allegiances, story, and diversity of the game world in this MMORPG.

But that’s a pipe dream. An MMORPG was made in 2004. Since then it’s been seasonal content for fanfic writers and eSports followers - FOMO sales.

I agree that the customization options let you create the appearance of what subrace you want and that allied races should have just been subrace customization

Removing covenant lock isn’t enough; faction lock needs removed too. Letting high elf looks on the alliance won’t change the faction imbalance and the fact that Arcane Torrent has more use than the VE warp. And that goes to the idea of abilities customizing your character…

Talents are customization options – but no effort seems to be made at making build diversity any better. They instead are treated as an abandoned system, while SL systems (to be immediately abandoned at 10.0) get any/all dev focus during these “systems patches”. What a waste of resources. It’s basically paying to play a live beta.

The patch philosophy is flawed.

Major patches should introduce new seasons and raids. Minor patches should introduce new story content and world grinds as a “catch up” mechanism. This model reduces the gear imbalances which tip the game to ‘nearly unplayable’. Instead of timegating content, a more regular cadence of content development and delivery needs established.

True here too! And it is coherent/makes sense given free will. My vote is one of the missing blood princes. I hope blizzard realizes there’s a sizeable amount of people disappointed with the BfA outcome for San’layn and realizes we want actual lore, not throwaway mooks.


Thank you Linxy! Void elves getting natural hair colors is amazing, but why 3 shades of blonde and 0 brown? Please give them brown hair too, people have been waiting for this for years. Just add brown and make a lot of people happy.


Maybe add a quest where the Silver Covenant move back into Stormwind and void elf can chamge name to race high elf. As well as new racials non void. As well as co lead void elves which brings more normal hair color and styles.

Hey Linxy! I know it’s out of topic but I wanted to contact you in some form.

Are you able to pass on the situation of Dragonblight-Fenris needing more realm connections?

I posted a thread over there at the server forums, but the WoW team can check the metrics and transfers over the last expansions, and many many many guilds transferred away, and now the server is barren, with even crafted items having a very hard time selling in the Auction House.

It’s not everyone that has the money to server transfer their characters around…

So if you pass on this information to the teams responsible for dealing with this problem I’ll be very happy.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sounds like you are fun at parties, mate.

This thread is for people to ask what they want. It’s up to the devs to decide what the fans want into the game. Stop ruining it for others.


I would like to have more void elf hairstyles that isn’t a bit squiggly hairstyle and hair colors that is black or white or brown.

And paladin void elf would be nice.

why not better sanlayn in the alliance as void elf customization? so many alliance players seem to want playable sanlayn that it would almost be better for them to be in the alliance

as an allied race or forsaken customization could work or void elf customization

I would emphasize the developers to give this proper care. It also serves as working on a possible Saberon race for the Horde.

And one remark from me, Albien, please don’t forget to # the claw slashing animation for melee characters which Greymane uses. This is also part of the wolf/worgen fantasy.


And this thread exists in a forum where fellow players can criticize others and their ideas.

This isn’t just - a player posts, and blizzard decides -

I get it. You want to wave your flag saying you are negative Nancy. But the more you behave like this, the devs will listen to the folks who want what they want, and grant them.

Look at void elf natural hair colors. You were so against it, and they made it even better by giving tentacle toggle off.

yes, because they’re easy changes. Adding colors is simply adding a value to the code. Adding tentacle sliders simply removes assets added to pre-existing hair-models.

do you understand how many resources it takes to add a new playable race? To animate it? To voice it? To pair it up with gear and mounts? To determine the scaling up and scaling down of all that gear based on gear-slot position?

oh wahhh, he doesn’t like the idea because its simply not a priority relative to the resources it would take to create it as the game is on fire for other reasons. He must be negative and childish~

Christ. Critical thinking skills will take you far dude.

There is nothing critical thinking when you just spammed Fallyn’s quote saying “nope” “no” “nah” . Even a 2 year old kid knows how to say “no”.

You aren’t saying anything productive or constructive. You are just here to tell people what you don’t like by spamming with the word “no”


Also a Fix on the Heritage Armor in terms of Color Variations. Like Silver Color on the Plate, and Brown Trench Coats.


I wasn’t talking about Fallyn. I wasn’t talking about me. I was telling YOU to practice critical thinking skills.

im rubber and you’re glue, s-s-so what about youuuuuuuuuu reeee

so again, practice critical thinking skills please.

Im telling her, “no” as a summarized version of what i just explained to you when it comes to resources required for a new playable race. Not that you care, but she’s already been educated on this subject and doesn’t care; she still asks for this stuff. Thus, her utter ignorance gets matched with a simple “no”.

Can vanilla Tauren finally get more than 4 face choices after ~17 years? New faces can be copied for Highmountain, too :wink:

Highmountain ideas:


So in other words, you are just whining


thanks for coming out champ~