Why the lack of Customization?

Can female human get a hairstyle that is like Jaina Proudmoore’s and possibly one that is very long down their back with braids on both sides of their bangs in the front and in the back have a few braids too. Please :slight_smile: :revolving_hearts: Sort of like the female nightelves original long hair but add the braids here and there?


Female Worgen was one of Blizzards most collosial failures as far as a race design and how they were changed. The core of the issues with female Worgen started with the fact they didn’t even exist till 1 month before Cataclysm was set to go live. Even the announcement trailer for Worgen only shows the male models. When beta for Cataclysm was going on there was no option for a female Worgen at the start. Finally we got images of female Worgen and the model looked… well it was odd cause even the original model didn’t match the male Worgen model. But the options that were shown made most Worgen fans happy. A full range of colors for eyes, a full set of hair styles many of which have never been seen in wow on any race.

But these were just pictures. The beta model never got put into the beta test as a group flocked to the forums to make an outcry that the model didn’t look vicious enough. So with only a week to go before Cataclysm launch Blizzard scrapped everything the was part of the head and remade it with 0 time for feedback or testing into the 10 year abomination we were forced to use. Now I hear you. Why do you call the model that went live an abomination well let me count the ways:

  1. The perma snarl.
  2. The bulging eyes.
  3. No options for unique hairstyles.
  4. A chihuahua shaped head and muzzle tip.
  5. 0 customization other than ear shape.

All female Worgen looked the same with a terrible model and while Worgen players made post after post about it they were ignored for 10 years. This is going to get to long if I go into everything that was wrong so I’ll cut it short by saying the new HD model for Worgen was a great start but still we lack options and we feel we were unjustly taxed for getting to customize our human form rather than making customization options for the core Worgen look. There was even 0 unique things for Glineas humans to set that look apart from Stormwind humans and there is a simple fix in that by giving a Worgen in human form a different dance. Rather than have the Worgen female in human form do the macerina let them do the waltz. It’s already programed and animated so it shouldn’t be that hard of a change.

Finally Worgen players just want options for the form we are forced to be in.

  1. Give Worgen optional tails.
  2. Give Worgen a lore correct 8 foot size.
  3. Give Worgen males an optional posture.
  4. Give Worgen more Wolf like ear positions.
  5. Give Worgen a full black fur color.
  6. Give Worgen the opportunity to use jewelry.
  7. Give Worgen real hairstyles.

Give Worgen just a fraction of this and we will see the Worgen numbers go from joke to something reasonable. Just look at how many Worgen we started seeing with the HD model.


And the Greymane claw attack. You can see him using this during the Stormwind Invasion scenario in BfA. Melee classes should be able to use their claws.

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Little request and fixes here and there would be great. As cool as an unarmed claw fighting for melee Worgen would be that can come later as we still need options to improve the core look of the race. Yes something like that would be unique and I would use it in a heartbeat but let’s get the core looks sorted out first before we discuss how weak Worgen racials are or something like the options to hide your weapons bringing a unique aspect to the Worgen play style.

I would like to see one more race for each faction and one more neutral race as well.

But a toggle for the skinny Kultiran model would be welcomed.


I don’t know why Blizzard just can’t answer the worgen player fanbase at this point… They have finally answered Nightborne, having constantly given high elves fans their stuff…

But worgen… dead silence since Cata Alpha. It needs to stop.


much Respects for this decision.
thank you very much.

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I wasn’t aware I was crying by rolling my eyes, please learn the difference if you are going to waste my time with a reply Zug.

Just read this portion of the post. It seems there are still many questions out about heritage armor releases. Can we expect to see a pair released this patch cycle? Fingers crossed for night elves :pray::crossed_fingers:

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Can we please get void elf heritage wings turned into a cosmetic back slot instead of having it attached to the helm?


I second that.


I agree that the wings should be a cosmetic back item.

The wings are actually on the chestpiece. I always hide both helm and shoulders on my toons and the wings are still showing. Here’s my void elf’s profile with the helm and shoulders hidden for reference.


fixing nightborne eyes doesnt change the fact the model is still yuck. we want the actual nightborne model. alliance can get a clone of a horde race but the horde cant even get the actual model of their own race



I want highborne options for night elves :frowning: some cool jewelry, elegant hairstyles, and purple eyes. This is all i want for my night elves :pleading_face:


I would love that. finally be able to have a nice proper looking Shen’dralar.

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(3) Warlords of Draenor Tauren Dance - YouTube

Good news for me, yes!!!

My bad, been awhile since I looked at which piece. Thanks for correcting me.

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I’ve wanted to have the appearance of the female blood elf featured in the BC cinematic since it launched, but its still not available in game. I’d post a pic but for some reason my trust level won’t let me.

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Honestly, after seeing that Venthyr dress they implemented…they could probably give players that dress. Their textures have gotten so much better with gear and could really do it justice.