Why the lack of Customization?

Beautifully done! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Hopefully after the Allied Race pass we can got options for all races like scars/burns/Jewelry.

And then after that we can get into specific request like Tails for Worgen, Runic Tattoos/Dark Ranger for Blood Elves, Dragon Maw Skins/Tattoos for Orcs, Beards for Trolls, etc.


Nice, I like the Nighborne, my poor single NB lady will get some nice new options.

Now, if only you could announce a bunch of heritage armor sets. The Trolls have been waiting patiently…


The VE are are only getting so much because it was clearly a mistake to give the Alliance an inferior race concept sold as a compromise and people reacted very badly towards them, similar how Mechagnomes are treated as an inferior Alliance race for not listening to the players again. Would be also as bad as giving us Mag’har Orcs but only with blond hair colorization while the black one being gated behind the Orgrimmar Orcs.

I think they finally realized how bad it was to neglect the Alliance for their tribalism. Looking back at the released Allied Races shows me personally how screwed everything was for the Alliance. Instead of the Broken they got Light-forged Draeneis. Instead of High Elves harnessing the Void they got Void Elves while having a High Elf as leader. Instead adding the Kul Tiran to the Human model they gave them an oversized human model, again. As if they have not enough human-looking races already. Instead given them the second faction of the Sethraks they got Mechagnomes, a very poorly made race where they didn’t even bother to give them several limb and heritage colorizations when their transmog output is so limiting already.

The Horde always got what they wanted, they even took more care about our heritage armors. I remember reading the +10 topics here about the Worgen heritage armor and how inferior it looks. It’s not even a coat, it doesn’t even have physics like the Goblin and Tauren armor for the pocket watch. They swapped the LFD armor and forgot to adjust the mounts. They forced wings onto the Void Elf armor. The Kul Tiran armor was shortened several times but at least they took care of the head gear. And the Dark Iron Dwarves are the only race which was taken proper care of again.

It is a repeating cycle at this point. Taking care of us, neglecting the Alliance. This has to stop.


Can we get void elves some jewelry customization like the blood elves do? But instead of gold, metal, gems, etc. it’s the void. We now control the void right! How sick would it be for us void elves to have it curling around our bodies or our hands, arms, etc, similar to how the blood elves have their jewelry ? I would love this! LET US SHOW EVERYONE EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE ! Void elves ! :blush::heart:

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Wait, you get the model with the absolute most work put into it, and only one of the models being what we have but with a minor change as opposed to, 2 and a half of the horde ARs being corrupt a wish requests for core race options turned into ARs with mediocre racials and less class options. Alliance got way better ARs, multiple races with new effects as opposed to none for the horde. You just have to figure out how everything sucks for the alliance, don’t you?


Plz don’t forget warlocks and forsaken :slight_smile:


The most work has been put into the Tauren and Goblin armor. Everyone and their mother knows this simply by actually using them in the game. All these physics. The next one close to this much care is the Blood Elf armor but they gave us a low resolution skirt texture. And before I forget to mention it, the HMT armor is great too.

I’m speaking design-wise. Gameplay-wise the Alliance AR are better, yes.

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Allied races.

And no effort was spent on the quest for Tauren, that’s neglect.

I’m speaking design wise too. The horde got foxes, a botched swap in place of a complete copy of a model the alliance has been begging for forever, multiple races that should have just been customization options, and Zanda trolls males (since the women are just normal trolls scaled up a little) which were about the basement of what an AR should have been.

^ this. Everyone talks about how we got new stuff (stuff of which I’m very grateful for) but not how it’s all just copy+pasted content. The actual brand new Void Elf options we got are literally just two eye colours. Void Elves deserve new content when HMT get theirs.

Probably a controversial take, but I think Blood Elves and some other core races need some more love too :man_shrugging:



Why do these heritage armor recolors exist in the game files if we players aren’t allowed to use them? There’s literally no reason to keep them out of players’ hands.


Maybe… u can add more colors tones tô nightborn?

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Oh yay more customization so that I can make a new character and level it up and go through all the horrible systems that I don’t even want to do on my main or any of my alts. Maybe I can grind out that transmog for my new character that I already don’t want to play because of all the chores I’ve already done on my main. I’ll go hit up that Legion raid that has my favorite transmog for that new character that I’m going to make because it finally has the customization I want but I’ll never play cause my main still has to do too much and I can’t bring myself to play my other characters. Oh I can’t solo that raid on my new customized character that I can’t get gear for to solo that raid from 4 years ago on my character that I’m not gonna play cause my main still needs to do a hundred things before I can get to that new customized character with all that customization that makes me want to play the game again.

Alright I’m done.


If they are now able to give eye shape options for Nightborne, then they should go back and add this for Human customization as well. Humans were supposed to get options for different eye shapes but it was never implemented for whatever reason.

They kind of did the Black and Asian Human options dirty with the failure to implement the planned eye colors and eye shapes. Like seriously, how did bright purple fantasy eyes take priority over dark brown eye colors?

Anyway, the new options for Nightborne are looking great. I hope the face jewelry is separate from the ear jewelry.

You are talking about void elves? Because nightborne obviously got most work put into them than void elves. They failed with nightborne in many ways, but they clearly tried. Void elves are just a copy paste race with recycled options.

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Anxious to see the new druid forms.

And blood elf druids.


The last time I was on a human during SL, you already have them. They are just locked behind the Asian skins and faces.

Speaking of looks, I do hope the Blood Elves get all the Void Elves hair styles as well for giving them the High Elf appearance.


PLEASE include some faces for the Male Nightborne that don’t look so angry/grumpy. There are already faces in the game that don’t look that way.


Yes this is surely needed. Not the countless glaring issues at hand in WOW but customization is really needed and more important

I ask this because I can’t honestly remember, but did they ever fix larger issues with game systems or design in .5 patches in the past?

when is this patch supposed to drop i thought ppl said it was today ???

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