Why the lack of Customization?

Fantastic write up. :yellow_heart:


I’ll add that in! Can’t forget that, we really could do without the “older woman/man” look


Yes to all of that you posted. It’s such an iconic part of the Nightborne’s aesthetic to feature this, it’s just a shame how little impactful they currently have. A simple slider that allows you to set how luminous/opaque they are would be a welcome change.

Personally, improving all existing Nightborne hairstyles is of equal priority to me than even adding more youthful faces. The lack of quality put into the Nightborne’s hairstyles is crazy bad.


Whelp with the Blizzard 9.1.5 customization statement I guess that’s it for the Legions ARs.

See you guys in 9 years for the next round.

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What statement are you referring to?

There is still patch 9.2 and maybe patch 9.2.5 before the end of SL. :crossed_fingers:

Hard doubt. It’s more likely they move on to Dark Iron, Mag’har, Zanda and KT.

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And void elf ! :smiling_imp:

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Feel free to harbor that hope for the both of us.


In all likelihood, they’ll release another back with the next expansion. If you’re a Void Elf player, you should be happy to wait, especially considering just how poor quality some of the customization additions they added for 9.1.5 are.

There will be no hope but 10 VE threads per day ! :joy:

Do I look like a Void Elf?

As is tradition.


And with that announcement…I am unsubscribed. Show’s over, folks. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I don’t know you.

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Old God’s please don’t.

Keep it to one or two.


Make one of them mine. >.>


Each thread will be an individual thread of the suggestions you made. Each hair style gets its own thread.



I would like to but you know it will surely happen. :sob:

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When will you people stop putting words in my mouth?

Cause that wasn’t what I said. I said Blizz WILL go for low effort stuff any time they see they can do so and get away with it. And some members from your community literally (as obvious as using words like “the same as”) vouched for getting hand-me-downs, effectively screwing up the rest of you AND the Velf fans that wanted void unique stuff, period.

Is not about you people getting second rate stuff (we all are aware that’s exactly what you people got), is about you people opening that venue to Blizz. Simply put it, so many people suggested ported colors from other races and those should had been the petitions heavily supported, not the literal “gimme THE SAME stuff as the Belves” petition, cause Blizzard delivered and not even you felt happy nor fulfilled thanks to it.

Tl;Dr: next time, pay attention to what you are signing for.


Ah. Well darn.

Would be nice if they tossed a message in “And we will continue to take & implement feedback!”

Granted, they did do that above, so… I hope they actually come through with it.