Why the lack of Customization?

Likely during 11.0 - but they will use the time to update the remaining races in 10.0 which haven’t gotten any heritage armor yet.

I hope they change it too, I’m not sure what made this go with that decision :confused: it’s such an iconic weapon to be locked away like that
Hopefully if people say enough protesting it they’ll reconsider


This would be a bit unfair if you ask me. They should finish legion allied races before 9.1.5 launch and then start working on core races again. Some races receive a very unsatisfactory customisation pass.


Any of the alliance legion AR’s are getting something similar?

Or devs only love the ideas when the ideas are for horde races? LFD got nothing creative, void elves don’t even have new customisations. You guys really want all the alliance players to leave this game?


Void Elves got plenty of attention. If anything, they need more void corruption. Nightborne were in the worst state imaginable, so the fact that they’re finally getting attention shouldn’t be mired with your ridiculous complaint. Bring something constructive to your argument. What do you WANT them to do?

LFD could use glowy effects too, I agree. So ask for them. An onyx coloured LFD with a light glow to their skin would be gorgeous. Imagine that with ivory horns.


This sums up what I want blizzard to look at for LFD I think…


Five new hair colors are plenty of attention? They should have given only copy paste hair colors for nightborne then.

So are night elves. And they aren’t receiving nothing like hand glow to compensate that.

Alliance complaints are always ridiculous from horde fanactics persperctive.


I like how you skirted past my constructive feedback.


Hey blizz, any word of new races? Still would like to hear about mok’nathal and half elves.

They are legit complaining about Void Elves when Void Elves have gotten new customizations multiple times already and then they talk about Nightborne like we are winning by getting more of the same with stuff like hair colors, I would take the Night Elf hair colors any day for my Nightborne.


Well, getting mostly what they wanted (not including void corruption) isn’t good enough. Also, night elves have some of the best customizations in the game, but the males have literally always looked bad. Their casting animation alone is garbage. Nightborne getting attention only helps future night elf passes, I’d say.


It would had been better as far as broadening the customizations dudes… frankly, 2 sets of silver jewerly plus only one of Gold will limit the tmogs A LOT -heck, my rogue will have NO use of the facial jewerly cause those kinda clash with the leather tmogs-.

The NB are still stuck with just one eye color and 5 shades of white haircolor plus 3 shades of black.

They just got body tattoos, leaf toggles, additional eye colors, additional hair colors…

Says the Nelf main, you know… the second BETTER customization given as far as core races are concerned.

We support the Nelf males getting fixed their facial geometry as far as I´m aware… also wasn´t his complain related to “Void Elves”? Well, they can only blame their own players when they literally campaigned to clone Belves instead of asking for new stuff.


While I would love to see Void Elves get some new hairstyles (and I do mean new and not copy/pastas from Blood Elves), it’s understandable (at least to me), that Blizzard is focusing on the Legion allied races that were hardly touched at all at Shadowlands launch.

Including the options Void Elves received at SL launch and forthcoming in 9.1.5, Void Elves will have gotten:

18 additional skin colors
10 additional face options
7 additional eye colors (like most races prior to SL, they only had their default eye color)
8 additional hair colors
2 additional ear size options
1 unique feature option (tentacle toggle)

While only the tentacle toggle can really be called “new”, Void Elves have objectively received a fair amount of attention between SL launch and 9.1.5, even if it was predominantly color options, most of which were inherited from Blood Elves.

Could Void Elves do with some new hairstyles, facial hair, tattoos/scars, etc? Sure. Most races could do with more of those. But it would be disingenuous to say Void Elves were neglected.

Hopefully when 10.0 comes around, Void Elves will get some additional options that are new. Ideally, I’d like to see all new Void Elf hairstyles having tentacles going forward. Since the tentacle toggle makes them optional, players who want to lean hard into the void theme should have many more hair/tentacle options.


You mean other than the two races that got that stuff at the AR launch, both of which were alliance? This is the horde’s first glowy bits race, alliance still has twice as many.


The only issue I take with people like who Phae replied to is that they act like Void Elves haven’t gotten anything new and they have and whether it’s copied from Blood Elves or not it’s exactly what they have asked for minus who wanted actual void customization options for Void Elves and they pretty much got ignored.


Agreed. It’s an objective fact that Void Elves have gotten additional customization at SL launch, and have more coming in 9.1.5.


For 9.1.5 I’d like one of two things where Void Elves are concerned, one of which I would like to think is easy, and the other of which I don’t see happening.

  1. Update all High Elf NPCs in the game (Non Blood Elves) to use Void Elf customization such as hairstyles and colors.

  2. Add the hairstyles High Elf NPCs use to Void Elves.

Either one of those two would at least fully cement allowing Alliance players to look like their High Elf NPCs. I’m willing to sit on a toggle for Entropic Embrace’s visual until the next wave of customizations.


If anything mag’har so far got more than any AR anyway. By the logic y’all are applying, mag’har shouldn’t get anything again.

False. Of course once again you conveniently ignore things uh?


All H ARs got eye colours and bald option.

Mag’har got a ton of stuff actually.

Horde races also got the options to separate their jewelry and patterns and colours with toggles and menus which multiplied their combinations in these cases.

Nightborne got new earrings.

I wouldn’t count these. It’s all the same faces but they apply to the non-void skin instead, is just a limitation of the tech that they aren’t grouped together.


Wrong, Nightborne still only have one eye color even with new customizations coming.

Also you should really stop trying to count things for Horde Allied Races if you are going to say you wouldn’t count that for Alliance ones because your Alliance bias is showing again.


They did weirdly remove that, even though it was just making them blind. Guess NB can’t be blind according to blizz but the rest remains.

I’m only applying the logic you are all talking here. Apparently every single bit is a huge new thing for Velves but everything the horde got can be ignored. So I had to remind you.