Why the lack of Customization?

If Dranei get eye-colours, they should get the option for heterochromia to look more alien.


Heterochromia and blindness and half blind options should always be for all races.


Blizzard: Only dogs have heterochromia!

Exactly! I’d like to see albino skin colors for all races.


What about the black Elune eyes so Draenei can look like Roswell Aliens??? I joke but also :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: X files theme plays


Ok Final repost of the Draenei thread with lots of suggestions and requests as well as explaining why the current stuff feels insufficient.

Latest news is that the Talbuk was confirmed as the paladin mount! AND they can choose the Elekk or the charger. (Figure all races all be able to choose the charger).

With this in mind I expect them to add new mounts for humans and Blood elves in the future.

EDIT: So they can choose the charger on live so nevermind that last speculation but it’s still a possibility. Figure Blizz does consider the Highlord’s charger as the update.

As for this thread, bad news, the Nightborne weapon confirmed not transmog which is really a shame, I don’t understand why? hope they change it.


Well that’s super poopy.


I´m in the opposite end of the spectrum regarding the Forsaken gals -I want to take the scary zombie aesthetic and drive it up to 11-; I want more realistic wounds with worms and insects coming out of them, extra teeth ala Deadite and/or serrated teeth ala Pennywise, skeleton members (hands / feet / arms / legs) with muscles and meat hanging from them, parts of the body in a jar ala Mordesh (Midare sold the idea to me), toggle to choose the color of the members (I mean I want my Forsaken toons to sport different colored hands just to go up with current lore), Hollow masks as jewerly, regular human eyes with back sclera, etc.

Basically while you want to ditch the sharp fingers and toes I want to double down on that kind of stuff, hehehe…

Shameless link to thread:


Still nothing new announced for Void Elves :upside_down_face:


Wouldn’t expect it.

Later perhaps. I doubt they’ll even fill the holes or add the tentacles to the hairstyles missing them.

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Likely during 11.0 - but they will use the time to update the remaining races in 10.0 which haven’t gotten any heritage armor yet.

I hope they change it too, I’m not sure what made this go with that decision :confused: it’s such an iconic weapon to be locked away like that
Hopefully if people say enough protesting it they’ll reconsider


This would be a bit unfair if you ask me. They should finish legion allied races before 9.1.5 launch and then start working on core races again. Some races receive a very unsatisfactory customisation pass.


Any of the alliance legion AR’s are getting something similar?

Or devs only love the ideas when the ideas are for horde races? LFD got nothing creative, void elves don’t even have new customisations. You guys really want all the alliance players to leave this game?


Void Elves got plenty of attention. If anything, they need more void corruption. Nightborne were in the worst state imaginable, so the fact that they’re finally getting attention shouldn’t be mired with your ridiculous complaint. Bring something constructive to your argument. What do you WANT them to do?

LFD could use glowy effects too, I agree. So ask for them. An onyx coloured LFD with a light glow to their skin would be gorgeous. Imagine that with ivory horns.


This sums up what I want blizzard to look at for LFD I think…


Five new hair colors are plenty of attention? They should have given only copy paste hair colors for nightborne then.

So are night elves. And they aren’t receiving nothing like hand glow to compensate that.

Alliance complaints are always ridiculous from horde fanactics persperctive.


I like how you skirted past my constructive feedback.


Hey blizz, any word of new races? Still would like to hear about mok’nathal and half elves.

They are legit complaining about Void Elves when Void Elves have gotten new customizations multiple times already and then they talk about Nightborne like we are winning by getting more of the same with stuff like hair colors, I would take the Night Elf hair colors any day for my Nightborne.